Naughty Boy Ricky Gervais Says It Was His Job to Roast Hollywood

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Ricky Gervais on Piers Morgan Tonight

Naughty Boy Ricky Gervais Says It Was His Job to Roast Hollywood

After the Golden Globes twitter drama, Ricky Gervais appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight to announce, “I don’t think I did anything wrong….and I’m sure those people have a sense of humor.” Er, that might be a stretch, Ricky. Oh, and by the way, he’s going to appear in a cameo on the American version of The Office.

Clip courtesy of CNN:

To catch up on the drama, click here. Some juicy bits from the show:

Morgan started it off by offering Gervais a pint, saying, “I thought you’d need a beer,” and then referring to Gervais as a naughty boy. Oh, careful mate, or Ricky will have to out you along with the Scientologists!

Speaking to Piers, the pint sipping Gervais said, “They hired me for a job and if they didn’t want me, they shouldn’t have hired me….I’m sorry if they were offended but I’m not sorry for anything I said. I’m not going to apologize for being true to myself. …There’s nothing that’s off limits. I don’t think a comedian’s job is to make people laugh, I think it’s to make people think.”

You tell ‘em, Ricky! Caveat emptor people.

And my favorite Gervais quote of the night, “Just because you’re offended does not mean you’re in the right.” No, Ricky, but offense and poutrage are part of our exceptionalism! Have a heart.

When Piers points out that Gervais went after some of the stars pretty hard, Gervais replied:

“Well, I don’t know if they have an addiction. Also, I’m not judging them. I’m not judging them for what they did. I’m not mocking them. I’m confronting the elephant in the room.

They hired me. Like I’m going to go out there and not talk about the issues in their industry. Don’t forget, I’ve got to be an outsider there. I mustn’t come out there as everyone’s mate and schmooze. That’s nauseating. I’ve got to come out there and I’ve got to roast them.”

I can just hear Ricky’s agent begging him to eat some humble pie since he is appearing on the American version of The Office. Goodness knows we can’t have any controversy on a network TV show. We save that for cable, like TLC.

That elephant done been outed. Ricky isn’t gonna sit down and shut up.

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