The Top Not So Secret GOP Plan To Ban Insurance Coverage for Abortion

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During the campaign for the 2010 midterm election, Republicans and particularly John Boehner said that creating jobs and getting the economy going in the right direction was their highest priority. But in keeping with their practice of lying to get elected and deceiving the American people, Republicans’ first act was to vote on repealing the Affordable Health Care Act. Their next act is to attack a woman’s right to choose by barring any federal funding for abortion with a goal of defunding Planned Parenthood and eventually all abortions.

Boehner named a bill HR 3 (3 signifies high priority), that has been introduced by New Jersey Republican Chris Smith that eliminates funding for abortions. Smith has pushed for a permanent ban on any federal funding for abortions since the 1980s regardless that the Hyde Amendment renews the ban on a yearly basis. During last year’s health care reform debate, President Obama signed an executive order directing agencies not to use federal funds for abortions, but Boehner does not believe the president.  Boehner said, “There is an awful lot of doubt as to where the administration is on this issue. I think the will of the people is that we enact this clear cut prohibition on the use of taxpayer funds for elective abortions.” It is normal for criminal liars like Boehner to accuse others of lying because he lies as a matter of course.

Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, who opposes the Smith bill, said that ultimately, the intent is to prohibit insurance coverage for abortions; even for a private policy. The measure’s sponsor also intends on eliminating tax deductions for higher health insurance premiums that cover abortions. For Republicans that preach about personal freedoms and liberty, Boehner and his group of Dominionists want to restrict a woman’s right to choose and take away health care coverage even when the woman pays privately. There is not much doubt that the effort is a back door approach to making abortion illegal one way or the other.

The Republicans who are making the provocative anti-abortion move are pushing their bible-based beliefs on women, and in the process are subverting The Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision any way they can. Boehner claims that the American people oppose abortions and that Republicans are fulfilling their promise to the people. Boehner said, “Our members feel strongly about the sanctity of human life;” that statement comes straight from the religious right and every pro-life group in America. Boehner and Republicans are liars because if they truly believed in the sanctity of human life, they would not have just voted to repeal health care reform that will save lives of children, adults, and the unborn. Republicans also do not support programs to assist poor and young mothers once the babies are born making their sanctity of human life argument moot.

Republicans are once again suppressing women’s rights, and along with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia feel the Constitution does not protect women’s rights or their equality. The belief that men should control every aspect of a woman’s life is firmly rooted in the bible, and since America is becoming a theocracy, Republicans will use more bible edicts to discriminate against women; like the bible teaches. There are though, some misconceptions about abortion that Republicans fail to address.

There are not many (if any at all) women who deliberately set out to become pregnant just so they can have an abortion. In case Republicans do not know it, abortions are necessarily a choice some women feel they must make when there is no other option. It is a woman’s choice, and if Jesus-freaks believed the Stone Age bible, they would know that it says not to judge anything (Luke 6:37). Christians though, have taken it upon themselves to be god, judge, jury, and executioner by forcing women to bear children they are ill-equipped to care for. The legislation Boehner and Smith are supporting is just a step away from defunding Planned Parenthood, and the eventual goal of a Constitutional Amendment similar to Colorado’s Personhood Amendment that says life begins at the zygote stage and in some cases, at a woman’s ovaries.

It sounds extreme, but the Personhood amendment is being pursued in 13 states and their ultimate goal is criminalizing abortion and all birth control. Under the Personhood amendment, birth control and abortion are classified as murder because they consider a zygote or an ovary a human life that thinks, reasons, laughs, and feels pain. The AFA that sponsors the Personhood movement follows Catholic dogma that anything that interrupts conception is tantamount to murder. Republicans in Congress are following the lead of Virginia attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli who has eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood offers birth control, pre-natal counseling, and in some cases abortions if all other options are exhausted. Pro-choice opponents resort to lies like Republicans and a common accusation is that doctors deliver full-term babies and murder them on a table for the mother’s viewing pleasure. Of course for the brilliant bible-thumping crowd, that scenario rings true just like the notion that jesus gave the Constitution to the Founding Fathers is reality.

Boehner, Smith, and the rest of the conservative Christians in Congress will never know what a woman goes through in deciding to have an abortion. No man alive can ever understand the emotional thought-process a woman who chooses to undergo an abortion experiences.  The only thing they understand is that the bible instructs men to control every aspect of a woman’s life. It is what good Christian men do in America just like good Muslim men do in the Middle East. They dominate and control women because their holy book commands them to. Republicans (forced birthers) do not plan to punish men who impregnate women because according to the bible, it is not a sin.

There is no question that abortion is a controversial subject for Christians. Christian women have the right to choose not to have an abortion. Christian men however, have no right to tell any woman she can or cannot have an abortion, especially not in a free society. Boehner, Smith, and Republican men are changing our democracy into a theocracy and they are starting by eliminating a woman’s right to choose because the bible tells them to.

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