Glenn Beck Jumps The Shark By Claiming His Show Isn’t About Hateful Rhetoric

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On his Fox News program tonight, Glenn Beck pulled out his Dr. Phil gimmick to explain to his viewers that his show has never been about hateful rhetoric. Beck said, “It hasn’t been about hateful rhetoric. It hasn’t been about anything. It has from the beginning been about solving the problem.” What Beck doesn’t mention is that hateful rhetoric always seems to be a part of his solutions.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

After delivering more of his poor man’s Dr. Phil pop psychology for the Teabagging soul, Beck absurdly tried to distance himself and his show from hate rhetoric. Beck said, “It hasn’t been about hateful rhetoric. It hasn’t been about anything. It has from the beginning been about solving the problem the riddle what’s happening and what is the best way to do it, and I don’t come to you as a guy who says I have all the answers. I don’t come to you as a guy who says I know everything. I don’t. I clearly don’t. I’m not a guy who says I get it right all the time, because I clearly don’t, but we try because I do believe it was the Age of Enlightenment that gave us this enlightened document. We’ve lost the light. The documents haven’t. We have.”

In a very narrow sense, Beck has a point. Most of the time, he doesn’t suggest that his audience engage in violence. In fact, he spends more time than any other political talker in history telling his audience not to be violent. The interesting question why is Beck worried about violent behavior from his audience in the first place? The answer rests in the fact that Glenn Beck has been terrifying and terrorizing his audience for two years with threats of violence from the left.

Here is Beck in November connecting Obama and George Soros to violent revolution:

Here is Beck in May 2010 quoting Thomas Jefferson and warning about rivers of blood:

In March of 2010 Beck claimed that progressives support armed insurrection:

In September of 2010 Beck predicted that within a year progressives would become armed and violent:

In September 2010 Beck warned that the streets would not be peaceful due to progressive agitation:

This sort of rhetoric is such a staple of Beck’s shows that one can find at least one example a month from his television and his radio programs. There are a few instances where Beck has suggested violent acts, but his stock and trade is using the threat of violence by progressives against his audience to create a climate of fear. It is the fear that bonds Beck’s viewers to him. They believe that Glenn Beck is helping to keep them safe by telling them things that other media won’t. Much like Charles Manson’s belief in the upcoming race war, Glenn Beck uses the war between progressives and his audience as tool to keep them under his influence.

Beck can sit there in his everyman costume of jeans and a long sleeve shirt and claim that his show isn’t about hateful rhetoric, but the claim is completely absurd. Warnings of violence and hate against himself and his audience keep his little cult together. As long as Glenn Beck keeps the audience afraid, they will keep on tuning him in, and spending their money on his appearances and books, but don’t be fooled by the blue jeans and long sleeve shirt. Glenn Beck is not everyman. In fact, he has become a very rich man by tapping into the darkest fears of his audience.

Instead of dressing like Sheriff Andy heading down to the fishin’ hole with Opie, a more fitting costume for Beck today would have been a black leather jacket and water skis because tonight Glenn Beck jumped the shark.

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