A Republican Assault on Democracy Disguised as Healthcare Repeal

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America was once the representation of just how well a democracy works and our political leaders set the standard for responsible governance in doing the people’s work. The past two years though, have shown how one group is subverting the democratic process by working to obstruct the current administration and in effect, obstruct the America people and democracy.

It is easy to assign blame to the Republicans in Congress for their contemptuous disregard for the democratic process. The Republicans’ contempt began with the election of Barack Obama and has continued unabated right up to the present day with no apparent end in sight. It is unfortunate though, that the American people are the ones to suffer the hatred Republicans and Tea Party Patriots have for the African-American president. They deserve better.

In America’s democracy, the majority party sets the agenda and passes laws with input and debate from the minority party; the process has worked admirably for 200 plus years. There is often heated debate that leaves one side or the other with a bitter taste in their mouth, but both sides generally are working for the people; albeit from different philosophical positions. But since 2009 when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, the game has changed into one of obstruction to the detriment of the country.

The new Republican majority in the House has started off with a phenomenon of hate and deceit that is reminiscent of FDR and the beginnings of Social Security. Republicans tried to repeal that law even though it guaranteed every American security after working their entire lives paying taxes and helping to build America into the great country we once were. Today the issue is the Affordable Health Care Act and although it will save lives, money, and guarantee health insurance for 30 to 40 million more Americans, Republicans are trying to take it away from the American people. Republicans have lied, cheated, and generally deceived a great portion of the American people just to deny President Obama any semblance of victory, although the winners are Americans who are without health insurance.

It isn’t just the Affordable Health Care Act that enraged Republicans. They plan to repeal financial reform that forces financial institutions to stop unfair charges and malfeasance that nearly caused the destruction of the world’s economy. Republicans are not just punishing Americans; they are rewarding corporations for bad behavior and protecting them from accountability for their actions. Conservatives have always elevated big business to god status at the expense of working Americans, and their ultimate goal is to destroy the American middle class. Republicans were nearing that goal until Barack Obama and Democrats passed legislation that put regulations on banks to protect Americans. Even with the new regulations in place, corporations and financial institutions are making unprecedented profits; but it is not enough.

While corporations are outsourcing jobs with the help and blessing of the Supreme Court and Republicans, Americans are losing their homes, jobs, and security the government guarantees to every American. While Americans are suffering, Republicans in the Congress are working to repeal the laws that Democrats passed instead of finding solutions to create jobs and relieve the middle class and the poor. Republicans are so intent on protecting corporations and obstructing the Obama Administration, that they are wasting time and shirking their duty to help the American people.

Republicans’ contempt for the legislative process and American people was evident by inactivity when they were in the minority and now that they are the majority by undoing the previous Congress’ progress. The Constitution lays out the rules for lawmaking and the 111th Congress followed those rules in passing their legislation. The Constitution’s framers assumed that the democratic process was such that regardless the party in the majority, the legislation that passed became law and the next Congress would work to govern by passing their own laws to keep the government working and continue helping the American people. Then there is the Republican Party in the 21st century with their corporatism and contempt for democracy and American people.

The Republicans in Congress have no regard for the Constitution or the American people. They work for the oil industry, financial industry, and insurance industry at the peril of working class Americans. Instead of building on health care for the people, they are voting to repeal the previous Congress’ legislation to save the insurance industry’s death-grip on America. They are doing the same for the banking industry. If Democrats followed the lead of 2009’s Republicans, there would be a perpetual stalemate where each subsequent Congress repealed the previous group’s work and nothing would be accomplished to help Americans; eventually, the country will stagnate and fail.

Republicans have lied, cheated, and deceived voters and along the way have accomplished nothing for the American people. They take salaries, premium health insurance benefits, and do absolutely nothing. Every Republican who just said no could easily stay home and phone in their vote. If they worked in the private sector, they would be summarily fired for non-performance and being a detriment to the company. Their contempt would not be rewarded and they would be living on the street where they want Middle America to end up.

Most Americans do not follow politics to know what their representatives are doing and it is the source of the problem. If Americans were informed by other than Fox News, Republicans would not last one day. But the average American is too lazy and too stupid to care about their government until it is too late. There is, however, a certain amount of trust Americans have that their representatives are truthful most of the time and that they are working for the people and not corporations. It is a travesty that Republicans have such contempt for democracy, the Constitution, and the American people, but they are doing what the voters elected them to do. Hopefully, Democrats will turn out to vote in the next election, because if they do not, Republicans will finally destroy middle-class America like they are destroying the government. If American government was a court, a judge would find Republicans in contempt and they would be thrown in jail where they belong.

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