Fractured Fox Fantasy: Palin is the GOP 2012 Front Runner

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Sarah Palin is GOP's Front-Runner

This morning on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade & Friends, the Fox hosts agreed that their colleague Sarah Palin will run for President. Brian Kilmeade, Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum were talking about Newt Gingrich’s criticism of Sarah Palin’s blood libel response and they all agreed that not only is she running for President, but she is the star and the front-runner of the GOP.

Talk about tone deaf.

Listen here courtesy of Media Matters:

Brian Kilmeade: Newt Gingrich subtly take a jab on GMA at Sarah Palin, saying she has to watch what she says.

Bill Hemmer: Why do you think he did that?

Brian Kilmeade: He’s testing the water — See if it’s OK to take on the perceived front-runner, the biggest star on the Republican side. He’s running. He’s got a new haircut. He’s running.

Bill Hemmer: He’s running, Pawlenty will run, Sarah Palin will run. Martha, any disagreement on that?

Martha MacCallum: Absolutely she’ll run and I think everyone is doing a little dance around her decision. They don’t want to put their neck on the line all of the resources…

What’s startling is the assurance with which they call Sarah Palin the Republican Party’s biggest star and front-runner. This indicates that Fox is going to bury their collective heads in the sand to the reality that Sarah Palin’s approval ratings have taken a huge beating since that fateful day when she made her debut on the national stage in Minnesota two and a half years ago.

Since that time, Palin quit her job to pursue a media career and make a lot of money. Many people in the Republican Party were turned off by her refusal to study and work hard, to prove herself by governing well and building a track record. Then we had the summer of Death Panel lies, followed by the Gulf Oil spill in which Palin nagged at Obama like an attention starved back-seat driver, claiming she knew how to stop the leak if only he would do the right thing by asking her. Her endless Facebook and Twitter bids for attention were successful in gaining media attention and in turning the national political dialogue on its head, but she was awarded the Politifact Lie of the Year award for these efforts. Not exactly an auspicious beginning for a Republican, but not a game-changer since lying for the cause or for any reason, really, has never hurt a Republican candidate’s chances of winning the nomination.

But then we had the fall of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, wherein she took it upon herself to show the hunters of the country that she didn’t know much about guns but she did know everything there was to know about teleprompters. She also spent her reality TV show whining about the media, a fact that struck many as hypocritical and ridiculous since she was on a reality TV show whilst complaining about the media. Not to mention that she makes a lot of money working in the media on Fox News. Then we had her daughter on DWTS and the Tea Party rigging the votes. That didn’t go over well in mainstream America, where the folks still believe in fairness and justice.

Then came the tragedy in Tuscon which many associated with Palin’s crosshairs map. But still, she could have pulled that off with a respectable apology and call for civil discourse. But then, from what she seems to think of as the shadow White House in Wasilla, came…….

…… “blood libel.”

The polls following blood libel were definitive. America has rejected Palin’s vicious campaign tactics, her pettiness, her self-absorption and her inability to take responsibility for her words and actions. America rejected her volatile, incendiary rhetoric on the day of the memorial for the slain. Her approval ratings are plunging to the depths of despair while her disapproval ratings are shooting past any realistic presidential hopes she may have nurtured.

And here we have Fox News nattering on about Sarah Palin as their front-runner as if they are completely unaware of reality. Perhaps this is the inevitable result of epistemic closure, or perhaps the Republican Party simply can’t let go of their super star, their Reagan – with all of her previously unstoppable hockey mom charisma. Their denial of reality is the steadfast course of those heavily invested in a fantasy. And Sarah Palin is a fantasy candidate. She doesn’t exist in the real world, because the real Sarah is unlikeable, inexperienced, unqualified and dangerous.

Leave it to Fox News to admit that one of the most disapproved of politicians in America is their front-runner for 2012. Hey, if they want to be branded as the party of Palin, this is a great way to go about it. They created the frankenmonster, implemented her as a weapon of mass destruction for the last two and half years – so why not let them go down with her.

Sarah Palin is the front-runner for the GOP. You heard it on Fox, so it must be true.

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