Joan Rivers Banned From Fox News Over Palin Comment

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Joan and Melissa Rivers explain how they got banned from Fox News

Joan Rivers Disinvited from Fox and Friends Over Negative Palin Comment

Joan and Melissa Rivers were on Joy Behar’s show tonight promoting their new reality/comedy TV show called, “Joan and Melissa” when Joy asked them about being disinvited from Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” Melissa explained that Fox was upset over her mother’s comment, “I don’t think Sarah Palin is very smart.”

Um, yeah. Watch here courtesy of CNN:

Joan: “And they said to our PR lady, it’s because of what we said about Sarah Palin. Because she’s a Nazi!”

Joy: “Do they protect me over here? No!”

Joan: “And I voted for her stupid daughter who couldn’t dance because I felt sorry for her! I should have voted for David Hasselhoff.”

A Nazi. Hmmm. Yes, Fox News is protecting their investment in Sarah Palin and you can bet Sarah Palin threw a fit over Fox having Joan and Melissa Rivers on “her” network, since Palin can’t broker any kind of criticism without lashing back. So now because of Palin’s rather weak self-esteem, the Rivers have been banned from Fox. Perhaps they don’t realize what a gift this truly is for them. It’s interesting to note that Palin can’t stand anyone else’s opinion and dissent, but insists that we put up what she incorrectly labels “dissent.” This is a perfect example of the hypocrisy that rules the Palin world.

Joan is now calling Fox and Friends “Fox and former Friends.” Joan’s crime was calling Palin dumb. If Fox is going to disinvite everyone who thinks Palin is dumb, they’re going to be hard-pressed to find guests other than the KoolAid drinking far right, and with their sinking approval ratings, they can hardly afford to narrow the field to people who do not think Sarah Palin is dumb.

Thinking Sarah Palin is dumb is an American tradition at this point and while I don’t happen to agree with it, it is a meme that stuck to Palin like the ever present sneer she can’t wipe off her face.

Listening to Palin’s sliding of meanings one can understand why. A sliding of meanings is “defensive remolding of linguistic meaning to preserve the narcissist’s primitive sense of perfection.” Notice how it’s very tough to call Palin out for anything because of the word salad she spews? This linguistic folly is said to be indicative of the narcissist’s handy escape for accountability. But dumb she appears and so dumb she has been labeled.

Fox News had best get a grip on their “political contributor” and stumbling, fading star for 2012. It’s bad business to let the tail wag the dog, boys. Hanging on the SS Palin will be the worst investment Murdoch has ever made. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving businessman.

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