The Threat From Within: Dominionists Taking Over America

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Dominionist Taking Over

In America, religion is not supposed to be a factor in lawmaking or governance. The Founding Fathers were cognizant that religious fanatics may attempt to subvert the secular nature of the Constitution in favor of a theocracy, so they crafted the 1st Amendment to maintain the separation of church and state. However, the religious right is not content to follow the tenets of the Constitution, and through movements like the moral majority have made every attempt to turn America into a theocracy by methods both covert and overt.

It is extraordinarily disturbing that religious organizations would attempt to influence the government or its leaders by preaching from the pulpit and encouraging church members to apply pressure to their representatives, but the past few years have seen an increase in direct involvement by fanatical representatives in Congress and it doesn’t bode well for America as a democracy. The religious right has lobbied for Christian-based, socially conservative policies in the realm of the family and especially to promote pro-life groups and anti-gay initiatives, but the new Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists are taking their demagoguery to a new level inside the halls of government.

A Christian fundamentalist organization known as the Family is part of a world-wide effort to control and influence governments, but its sphere of influence is most dangerous to America’s secular democracy.  Readers may be familiar with the Capitol Hill group, C Street, which exists to aid congressmen in their understanding of Christian teachings in order to apply bible-based standards in their jobs as legislators. On its face, there is nothing wrong with representatives practicing their faith and basing decisions on personal dogma whether from biblical sources or pagan philosophies. There is though, a danger to America when our elected representatives legislate from Christian Dominionists’ beliefs that make the Constitution irrelevant and undermine the secular doctrine our democracy is founded on.

Politicians in Congress and state legislative bodies who subscribe to fundamentalist Christian beliefs are making dangerous moves to change religion-neutral laws to a theocratic-themed set of statutes meant to reflect evangelical core beliefs that define immorality and sin as the greatest threats to America’s greatness. These so-called Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists are fighting an imagined threat posed by feminists, homosexuals, liberals, and secular humanists, and have as their provocateurs of hate people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the C Street pack of fanatics who if allowed, will install the Ten Commandments as the law of the land.

Theocratic law is a danger to all Americans and will put in place ancient standards that will make the Taliban look tame in comparison. During the midterm campaign season there were suggestions that adultery, murder, homosexuality, and pre-marital sex should be punished by stoning to death, and if anyone believes such radical candidates could not possibly be elected they are wrong. Daniel Webster (R-FL), proposed that for crimes like murder and adultery, we should institute stoning to death as a punishment and his supporters must agree because he defeated Congressman Alan Grayson. Now there is one more Reconstructionist legislative voice in Congress.

In Virginia, attorney general Ken Cuccinelli and Governor Bob McDonnell closed down funding to Planned Parenthood because their fundamentalist Christian beliefs conflict with a woman’s right to choose. McDonnell and Cuccinelli are also investigating climate scientists because man-made global climate change is contrary to their belief that god controls Earth’s climate. The opposition to same-sex marriage, repeal of DADT, and health care reform are inexplicably tied to Christian fundamentalist’s belief that the bible is the source of all law and therefore health-care reform and repeal of DADT should be repealed or blocked.

A Texas congressman, Louie Gohmert wrote that god has ordained Christians to run the country and cites obscure bible verses to back up his claims. In several states, Christian groups have put on the books laws stating that embryos are persons, and in extreme cases call most means of birth control murder. The Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists have infiltrated the military and have devised a test to determine a soldier’s level of spirituality, and a gun manufacturer who supplies the military with weapons stamped bible verses on the barrels of guns the soldiers carry.

The inherent danger of religious fundamentalism should be self-evident in America, and it is not a stretch to imagine Inquisition-type crusades occurring in America, and with the bible as a guide, no-one is safe. Many of the extremist Christians repudiate the peaceful teachings of Jesus and revert to Old Testament-style laws that are so severe, that if allowed to gain a foothold will result in a bloodbath that extremist Muslims would envy. The bible’s Old Testament is rife with stories of genocide and destruction that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. It is advisable to remember that most Germans were caught up in the wave of anti-Semitism that claimed the lives of 6 million Jews and caused World War II. Religious zeal is worse than nationalistic fervor, and seemingly peaceful, tolerant people can be swept up in a killing frenzy; especially if people believe the murder is commanded or condoned by god.

Americans cannot be complacent by letting these Dominionists proceed in their attempts at theocracy. The anti-immigrant mindset that many Republican legislators embrace is the impetus for revoking the 14th Amendment, and the proponents are primarily fundamentalist Christians. The homophobes in the Republican Party who advocate for extermination of gays are Christian extremists and serve as legislators, governors, and state representatives in every state in the Union. Liberals, scientists, feminists, and atheists are all targets of fundamentalist Christians who base their hate on the bible’s Stone Age decrees.

No group will escape the Dominionists’ wrath, and with legislators and the military establishment behind them, America as a nation is in jeopardy. The Taliban and extremist Islamists may be a threat to America from afar, but the real threat is within our borders and within our government. The greatest protection Americans have at their disposal is the Constitution; as long as the Dominionists don’t dismantle it.

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