ApplauseGate: The Right Wing Jumps the Sanity Shark in Desperate Bid to Smear Obama

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Obama's Jumbotron of Tyranny!

Dinner with a Right Winger Claiming Obama Demanded Applause for Memorial

Just a head’s up my friends. Everywhere you go, little brainwashed minions of the TeaPublican Party will be foaming mad about Obama demanding applause during the Arizona memorial speech. If you don’t watch Fox News or read certain right wing blogs, you may be hard pressed to respond or even get the relevance when shown the graphic of Obama speaking at the Arizona memorial services for the slain with the word “applause” under it on the Jumbotron.

Certainly, if the President demanded for people to applaud him it would prove that he is, indeed, the tyrant they say he is and we must all acknowledge that the Right isn’t responsible for their violent rhetoric and threats. It’s not as if Right Wing extremists are the more prone to violence the world wide or that the Right Wing in America are so insecure about their own personal authority and power that they constantly have to whip out gun metaphors to prove their “strength”. Nor should you sigh understandingly when your Right Wing friend displays his or her own personal lack of discipline and integrity by refusing to acknowledge any responsibility for or possible ramifications of the violent rhetoric their leaders routinely engage in.

After all, these are morally bankrupt people who feel the only chance they have of behaving well is if they impose morality on themselves from some higher authority, and said authority must be militant and tyrannical or your poor friend might stray. Hence, they subscribe to an extremist religion where God and Jesus are not peace lovers but war-mongers and their leaders are not role models but divinely ordained, unquestionable disciples of God. Now surely you can understand their inner moral depravity, so deep and dark that they fear they can only contain it by subjecting themselves to harsh abuse by their leaders, compels them to a childish mentality of “evil” versus “good” (and you and the President and anyone else who does not buy into the conspiracy would be the “evil” here).

Steeped in shame as they are, naturally they want to lash out at others to release the hot embers of personal lack. See, you’ve just got to stop projecting your belief in personal freedom and ability to make good choices on your own onto these poor people. They are followers, subjects, peons – they are the little people in their own world and the only way they can feel good for one second is by making you feel bad. Misery does so love company.

So when they spew vitriol about the President demanding applause at the Arizona memorial in the middle of dinner when you’re discussing something utterly unrelated, like say, how horrible it is that 11 of the 20 representatives on Palin’s March 2010 map received death threats starting the next day, you should probably just ask them if they’ve seen a doctor lately.

No decent human being, after all, could deny the importance of a dialogue about our political leaders repeatedly alluding to the deaths of their political opponents or the constant vilification of liberals as “demons” who need to be waged war upon. Leaders, not bloggers. Important distinction.

And after you lead your friend off to the local mental health clinic and offer to pay for their services since they, naturally, have no health insurance, you can slip the doctor a note that your poor friend reads too many right wing blogs and listens to Fox News. This should suffice if your doctor is sane. If your doctor is not sane, you will be forced to explain that Jumbotrons often display closed captioning, as they did at the Arizona memorial service, and that the “command to applaud!” that has your friend in a foaming fury of self-righteous rage (while crosshairs do not) is actually a kind service provided for the hard of hearing.

Dinners with the Fox inclined can be challenging and sadly require that you familiarize yourself with the current talking points of the cult lest you be bludgeoned with the spittle hate of little men with raging fears of impotency, and their female apologists counterparts who still believe big daddy’s “gun” will save them if only they please him enough by being a pleasant picture of smiling compliance with big hair and a silent mouth. You may be stunned to learn that your friend sees a caption reading “applause” for the deaf to be more reprehensible than his own leaders calling for a violent overthrow of the government, but of course, this is the mind set of the treasonous cult now masquerading as a political party that he’s devoted himself to and even after you’ve pointed the facts out to him, he will refuse to acknowledge them. This is when you must admit that he has left the realm of sanity.

Bring a napkin and remember that compassion is the sign of humanity. Mustn’t bring yourself down to their level by actually engaging in a “discussion” with a cultist whose only purpose is to spread propaganda to distract from the very real culpability of his leaders and even his own failure to have the moral integrity to engage in self-reflection and independent thought. An intervention is probably warranted, but success rates for deprogramming those who subscribe to a purely external locus of control world view are not encouraging, especially since the drug of choice is so easily available by the Right Wing pushers of pure lies, who show zero shame when called out.

Shame, after all, is supposed to be a way of policing moral integrity within society but when being caught lying is no longer shameful, when being caught equivocating and denying responsibility is no longer shameful, it’s time for the big shun.

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