Dirty Secrets: The Dangers of Exposing the Army of God

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Praying to cardboard cut out of George W Bush

We all see the culture of anger and down right insanity that results from people being lied to repeatedly by Fox News and the Republican Party leaders about Death Panels and other gross mischaracterizations such as “the President is a Socialist Nazi pig.” Listening to your doctor causally drop this opinion of the President, you realize these characterizations are not just acceptable now, but the norm. In fact, if you were to disagree, you might find yourself the target of someone’s rage. This is a world gone upside down.

This is only confusing if you don’t understand way “we” are viewed by the far right. Their hatred of liberals (and a liberal is anyone to the left of their far right) is breath-taking in its dehumanization. It’s as if they think we are the devil himself. Guess what? They do. Because the far right has married itself to the an extreme religion that many “mainline” Christians deem a cult and is, in fact, identified by Christian leaders around the country as an enemy within. In fact, “mainline” Christians are well aware of these infiltrators whom they call “con artists”.

Hard dominionism is a religion of warfare, violent uprising, and violent take over of the government all buttressing what many refer to as a clever Ponzi scheme for the highest members of the church. In other words, it’s your basic bible based cult. This is the Dominionist “The New Apostolic Reformation” Christianity – run by “prophets” and “apostles,” claiming to have extra-biblical revelation and calling to build an elite army to take over the Earth.

One of the ways they go about this is by casting out “demons” from geographical locations or territories. Like Sarah Palin’s witchdoctor and her odd secretive mountain top dedication of Alaska to Jesus. This is Sarah Palin’s religion. It should be noted that both Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee were also prayed over by the leader of NAR. Sarah Palin is the leader of the Tea Party (though there are some factions who wish this weren’t so) which has taken over the modern day GOP, and in this leadership role, we see the clearest evidence of the marriage between the hard dominionists of the NAR and the GOP.

The leaders of NAR are standing with the Republican Party in public events. They are side by side with the Religious Right and the Tea Party. Their rhetoric of “saving America” patriotism should ring a bell. By the way, saving America in involves “infiltrating” the government and the media, for starters. Sort of like the Alaska Independence Party advocates. If only I had a chalk board.

If you haven’t seen the documentary Jesus Camp yet, do watch it because it documents the way these folks think. They are busy building an army of Christian soldiers to take over America. They worship cardboard cut outs of George W Bush (it was shot during his presidency) and I’m sure they have Sarah Palin in all of her cardboard glory now, but tellingly, they are very careful to not allow video by non-members these days.

Here’s a Jesus Camp clip “Brainwashing” (watch the whole thing and you’ll understand why Harry Potter should have been put to death, the need to “break the cup” over the power of government, the need for children to be trained as warriors who are willing to “give up their life” for Jesus, etc):

“Take these prophecies and do what the Apostle Paul said and make war with them!”
“This means war!”
“Are you a part of it or not?”

And here they are doing “warfare over President Bush”:

“He has surrounded himself with spirit-filled people.”
“Mr President, one nation under God!”

(And these institutions receive tax breaks and are “non-political”. One of their radio hosts, Janet Porter, announced that all Christians who voted for Obama would burn in Hell. Uh huh.)

Sarah Palin attended a Jesus Camp at the impressionable age 12, shortly her family joined the Wasilla Assembly of God church, which is a Christian Dominionist ministry.

If you think this is just a bunch of extremists best left alone to their cave of fear, you should know that these folks have tremendous financial sway over the modern day Republican Party. They co-opted the mainline churches and naturally the GOP followed. And this is why Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain’s running mate. So what appears nutty to you, downright foolish to you, actually makes sense. Gee, don’t you feel better now?

Revisionism is one way to take over a culture, but that has to be buttressed with silencing anyone who might expose them in the meantime as they build their armies. Now, how do you go about silencing people? Well, you start off with having a network of misinformation to gin up the base. This network and the conservative blogosphere decide to scare their little armies with lies about how the President is a Nazi who is going to kill conservatives. That’s not inflammatory, right? Nothing like a little red meat for the already enraged warriors for Jesus.

So you’ve got the base all ginned up on hate and sold on the KoolAid that Sarah Palin is Esther, Sarah Palin is good and President Obama is “evil”. President Obama must be stopped, they are told. He’s coming for you. He’s coming for you. He’s coming for you and God doesn’t like it. Jesus is wailing, Jesus needs you to save America. Oh, and here’s a wee little target map for you just in case you weren’t clear about who is evil and who is taking over the world with Nazi government take overs. Nothing to be paranoid about, you understand. But just in case you didn’t get it…..

Jesus is angry, you are Jesus’ warrior, and you must show your devotion.

Here’s what devotion looks like. Cut to an example of a typical letter received daily by Leah Burton. Leah’s crime is two-fold: she is working on a book about Sarah Palin’s Dominionist religion, titled “Palin’s America: God, Guns and Greed” (ouch) and she works with the MRFF (Military Religious Freedom Foundation). I’ll just give you snippets – the letter is your typical scary rambling two pager replete with misspellings and too many all caps. Take a walk with me, my friends, through crazy land:

Courtesy of God’s Own Party:

“WE THE PEOPLE are organizing and we are going to take a stand. Time & triggers, Leah, will dictate that and the radicals pushing there (sic) agenda will bring it more quickly….These beasts and their hell are already here and are coming by deception….Many of us feel it is organizations like yours and other well known enemies from within…with a radical in the white house and liberal stinch (sic)….America has woken up in a way she hasn’t in 232 years….

Time & trigger will save her….God I pray….or we will have to purge….many are praying for it and many will pay for it as well…You progressive despots and traitors are reckless and arrogant in changing the US …(gosh, where did they get that idea? Sarah Palin “he’s radically transforming America…” but words have no consequences…)Christian moral law reinterpreted by Satan and his demons. Only Satan and his ilk would attack such American values and traditions….the Lord RULES over our land!! Don’t expect me to conform or even except (sic) this satanic behavior or rule….WE THE PEOPLE are preparing….it’s only a matter of time….

Leah, we are preparing to revolt and it isn’t far off my friend. Many innocents will get caught unprepared. The progressives will be at fault.

Freedom of SPEECH (notice even this is screeched), it is MY 1st amendment right. I still have MY 2nd amendment rights to back the 1st up (and take away your right to freedom of speech but never mind that). We the people are storing away iron & brass like never before, Leah. ….real change is coming….

I stand by my words as a American patriot, a veteran and Christian. I will stand against domestic tyranny when WE THE PEOPLE (thanks, Fox) take a stand. I am a Oath Keeper and I am a true American Minuteman.

Our military is made up of a Christian Conservative majority….Please keep poking the fire….WE THE PEOPLE are eager for real change.

M Price III”

You can literally pick out the Fox propaganda lies (too endless to recount…socialism, domestic tyranny, etc), the Sharron Angle threats (2nd amendment remedies), the Sarah Palin brain washing paranoia about the President (pallin’ around with terrorists, doesn’t love America, don’t trust what’s coming out of DC, right to ask to see his birth certificate, etc), Michele Bachmann (take up arms against the government, etc) and the “Christian conservative majority in the military (in fact, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, men and women serving abroad donated to Obama nearly six times more than to his Republican opponent and his running mate who cynically co-opts the military every time she opens her mouth). These factual inaccuracies and the ability of the Right to sell them are represented in this this letter. See, unfortunately, it’s not just a few extremists out there who believe these outright fabrications and distortions of reality.

There’s a whole army of extremists and they’re all worked up. They think they’re fighting demons. That would be you, me and everyone who does not believe the President is from Hell. We’re all enemies of the Tea Party whom need to be threatened, silenced, and intimidated because we are beasts of the devil. We are Satan, according to them.

Now tell me words don’t have consequences.

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