Joe Scarborough Says “Blood Libel” Ended Sarah Palin’s Political Career

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Joe Scarborough stunned if Sarah Palin can get elected

This morning on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough announced that he would be shocked if Sarah Palin’s inflammatory response on the day of the memorial of the Arizona shooting victims didn’t end her career.

Courtesy of Media Matters January 14 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Joe: I think for the most part most of the dialogue has been positive toward the president.

Mika: Seriously, why would you —

Donny Deutsch: I think the reaction was positive across the board for two reasons. One, he was so genuine and so real. I think any republican would look foolish as we’ve seen some of those commentators taking shots. And whether they liked it or not, you had to give this man as a leader the kudos for not only his words, his manner and I think as we’ve seen, as Sarah Palin probably ended her political career, and I don’t mean to overstate it, with her reaction. Because she showed the flip side.

Joe: I don’t think you’re overstating it at all. I really don’t. I think – Pat Buchanan yesterday was talking about how he understood the anger Sarah Palin might feel for being unjustly accused minutes after of causing the shootings. Jon Meacham, the response of Sarah Palin on the day they were going to remember a 9-year-old little girl that got killed and several senior citizens and, of course, a congresswoman who was clinging for her life, to make it all about her and to stir the pot up additionally with a very loaded phrase that others have used. But others who weren’t considering running for president of these united states got to say I really do believe it’s not an overstatement to say this probably ended Sarah Palin’s political career, I would be stunned. And save this tape, save this tape and rub it in my face if I’m wrong. I would be stunned to ever see Sarah Palin elected to another political office.

And so Joe Scarborough continues his charge toward RINO-ism, that is, a Republican who can say something positive about President Obama and call Sarah Palin out as over.

If only Joe were right. But Joe is always so hopeful about his party. One suspects Joe is caught up in the good old days before birtherism and white nationalism took a firm grip of his party and tossed reason and ideology to the curb in what can only be seen as a cynical power grab due to a refusal to admit their past mistakes during the Bush era. Of course, he never said she was going to go away, he said she would never be elected again.

I would be stunned if Sarah Palin went away. Stunned, but very pleased. Because what I fear the most isn’t losing an election (she would be easy to beat). No, what I fear the most is the damage another Palin campaign of hate could do to this great country. Sarah Palin has brought nasty division, partisanship and dirty campaign tactics with her wherever she went – starting off in Wasilla, when she ran against the current mayor (a Christian with the last name of Stein) and sent fliers out proclaiming herself to be Wasilla’s first Christian mayor. Then we had, “He doesn’t see America the way you or I do.” Then Death Panels. Then ask for his birth certificate. Sarah Palin’s verbal warfare against her enemies never ends. Enough with pallin’ around with political fires.

We’ve had our dip in the dirty. Let’s move on and get on with the business of healing this country, rebounding economically and finding some common ground on which to rebuild America.

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