Health Care Repeal: The Republican Bastardization of the Legislative Process

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This week the 112th Congress was supposed to start debating the repeal of the Affordable Health Care act, but the tragic massacre in Arizona prompted John Boehner to postpone the proceedings out of respect for Representative Giffords. The debate is scheduled to begin next week and it will be an exercise in futility and a gargantuan waste of time when the country needs its representatives to work together for the American people.

Based on the past two years, Republicans in Congress are not interested in moving the country forward or working for the American people. Boehner has schedule two days for debate on the health care law repeal, and one would think that after a year of debate, town hall meetings, and public discourse (screaming at representatives), there is not much more to discuss. Without sounding prophetic, the debate will consist of Republicans railing on President Obama and lying with horror stories about the dangers of Socialism and the destruction of America.

There is a commercial spot on MSNBC featuring former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee pushing a petition drive to repeal the health care reform law. In the commercial, Huckabee lies and uses scare tactics that Republicans are famous for. Huckabee is a Christian preacher and like most modern-day Christian preachers, lies with impunity for the sole purpose of frightening his audience into action. Huckabee must be on the payroll of the insurance industry because at one point he says the Affordable Health Care Act is going to destroy the insurance industry and the ability of private citizens to choose their health care providers.

The web site for the petition cites several experts who warn listeners about the dangers in the health care law. Of course, the list of experts reads like a who’s who of Fox News pundits and conservative talking heads that are no more expert than the computer screen in front of you now.

The website includes the following diatribe:

Unless Obamacare is repealed, our nation faces further Socialism, bankruptcy, taxpayer funded abortions, hundreds of thousands of lost jobs and bankrupted small businesses, and still more loss of Freedom for every American citizen.

Obamacare shreds the Constitution, will make quality medical care unsustainable, threatens the solvency of Social Security and Medicare, adds 16,000 I. R. S. agents to enforce its XXXXX pages of new bureaucratic regulations, and provides still more benefits to illegal aliens.

In a word, Obamacare is a Disaster. Repeal it Now, before it is too late for our beloved Nation.

If a reader were ignorant of the Affordable Health Care Act and did not follow the year-long debate, they would certainly be frightened into signing the petition as a patriotic act to save the country. If the pronouncement above didn’t frighten the reader, the list of experts and their comments warning about the dangers involved for the country would certainly finish the job.

Here is a partial list of “experts” and their comments about the dangers the health care law presents and why the law will destroy America. The list is preceded by the comment below.

See why everyone is supporting the demand.

MIKE HUCKABEE – “85 percent of Americans prefer what they have now.”

RUSH LIMBAUGH – “This is about wrecking the United States.”

GLENN BECK – “Obamacare covers taxpayer-funded abortions”

SEAN HANNITY – “This may be the straw that completely breaks the foundation of the doctor patient relationship.”

SARAH PALIN – “Obamacare IS socialism.”

With the exception of Rush Limbaugh, everyone on the list is employed by Fox News and does not constitute what intelligent people would consider to be “everyone.” When the debate begins next week, one Republican after another will repeat at least one of the above statements in support of repeal. There will be nothing new offered because Republicans have used these reasons during the health care debate that raged for a year before the final vote was taken and they are still using the same tired lies.

It is worth noting that the preacher, Mike Huckabee says 85% of Americans prefer what they have now, but he fails to mention the health care law does not force anyone to change doctors or insurance plans. The other comments are meant to frighten the public with the meme that the law is dangerous and that President Obama is out to destroy America. It is going to be a two day fear-fest on the floor of the House and there are more pressing matters to address than a repeat of last year’s Republican lies about the law.

When Republicans campaigned for the midterm election, they promised to pass legislation to create jobs, but they did not take advantage of the two months between the election and now to formulate legislation that creates jobs. The reason is simple; they have no plans. They claim the health care law is a job-killer, but in the above statement, they claim 16,000 I.R.S. jobs will be created by the bill. They also fail to mention that when the law is fully enacted (in 3 years), the newly insured 30 – 40 million Americans will need thousands of health care professionals to provide them with care.

Republicans will spend the next two years attempting to undo every piece of legislation enacted in the past two years. They will accomplish nothing to help the American people, and based on their goal of repealing health care reform, will do more harm than doing nothing at all. Their goals are two-fold; first they are protecting the insurance industry from regulations that prohibit them from gouging customers, and second, to prevent Obama from being elected to a second term. It is too bad they are such vindictive individuals who are in effect subverting the law that enables governance.

If Republicans led by John Boehner are any indication, America is going to be stuck in a loop of passing and repealing the same laws in perpetuity. Republicans read the Constitution last week on the floor of the House but they missed the point that they are there to govern. The normal course of action is a party is elected and passes legislation, and, like it or not, the legally elected representatives make the laws. However, Republicans have bastardized the process by obstructing the party in power and then undoing the progress the previous Congress made. Republicans cite the Founding Fathers’ wishes as a matter of course, but the Founders would reject the way Republicans govern with extreme prejudice. Americans deserve better than the Republican Party, and after 2 years of obstruction and 2 years of repeal attempts, perhaps they will wise up and vote them out of existence. But at the rate the country is moving, it appears we are stuck in a loop with no end in sight.


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