Julian Assange Threatens Fox News with a Stash of Secret Files

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Julian Assange Threatens Fox News

Julian Assange Threatens Fox News with a Stash of Secret Files

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks tells John Pilger that he has withheld a cache of confidential US government cables and files regarding Fox News. Mr Assange has said the files will be released if anything happens to him or to WikiLeaks, so he obviously feels threat of releasing these cables will guarantee his safety. Mr Assange claims his life is in danger if he is extradited to Sweden.

The Independent UK reports:

He (Mr Assange) said to Pilger, a fellow Australian and one of his prominent British-based supporters: “If something happens to me or to WikiLeaks, ‘insurance’ files will be released.”

WikiLeaks is thought to be in possession of 250,000 confidential US government cables, and those already published have exposed embarrassing diplomatic secrets. Mr Assange indicated that he had paperwork which could be hurtful to News Corp. “There are 504 US embassy cables on one broadcasting organisation and there are cables on Murdoch and News Corp.”

The message Assange is sending is unclear because he is now withholding documents from an organization whose stated goal is transparency. The question arises as to why he thinks Fox News has a direct correlation to his personal safety and the safety of WikiLeaks. Mr Assange’s organization was focused on global transparency and exposing government secrets and as many Americans are aware, Fox News played an integral part in selling Americans on many lies, the largest of which is weapons of mass destruction. One wonders exactly what Mr Assange has on Fox News that will guarantee his safety. It must be very damaging, as this is an odd position to take for someone who leads an organization that advocates for transparency.

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