Rush Limbaugh Claims Jared Loughner Has Full Support of Democratic Party

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What are you smoking, Rush?

We’ve all been tracking the right-wing spin on the Arizona assassination attempt of Representative Gabrielle Giffords. The spin has gone from absurd to insane in only a few days. Media Matters reports that on his show today, right-wing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh claims that the Democratic Party lent its “full support” to would-be assassin Jared Loughner.

Although there is no evidence to support his claim – no comments by Democratic politicians, no statements by the DNC – not a single shred of data – he asserts that the Democratic Party “is attempting to find anybody but [Loughner] to blame” and that Loughner “understands he’s got a political party doing everything it can, plus a local sheriff doing everything they can to make sure he’s not convicted of murder.”

Remember what I said about facts this morning? Reality is what this clown wants it to be.

Limbaugh’s complete disregard for the facts resulted in the following claim:

“What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country. He’s sitting there in jail; he knows what’s going on. He knows that a Democrat [sic] Party — the Democrat [sic] Party — is attempting to find anybody but him to blame.

“He knows if he plays his cards right that he’s just a ‘victim.’ He’s the latest in a never ending parade of victims brought about by the ‘unfairness of America.’ The ‘bigotry, racism, homophobia’ of America. The ‘mean-spiritedness of America.’ […]

“That smiling mugshot — this guy clearly understands he’s getting all the attention, and he understands he’s got a political party doing everything it can, plus a local sheriff doing everything they can to make sure he’s not convicted of murder.”

Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way, issued the following statement in response:

“As people across the country grieve and reflect, Rush Limbaugh has accused an entire political party and a respected law enforcement officer of supporting a mass murderer. This offensive and irresponsible claim deserves to be met with harsh condemnation by Democrats and Republicans alike.

“Many of us have called in recent days for the toning down of the irresponsible and dishonest rhetoric that has become pervasive in our political debate. Limbaugh’s ridiculous reaction to this tragedy is proof of the need for a return to responsibility.”

The Republican Party and its pundits has no more respect for facts today than it did in the 50’s when McCarthy was inventing crimes to fuel his witch hunts. Dishonest rhetoric is the order of the day at FOX News, but now Rush seems to have taken leave of his senses altogether. This charge is outrageous even by the “standards” of the Republican Propaganda Network. So while Sarah Palin plays victim Rush Limbaugh invents conspiracies.

George Orwell could not have invented this. Never mind that; Alice in Wonderland has nothing on this.

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