President Michele Bachmann?

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Welcome to Republican Clown Show 2012. It could be a show on FOX News. Election Day 2012 is starting to resemble April Fool’s Day. Yes, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) may run.

For President.

Palin, Bachman…The Republican field is turning into a clown-show. It seems after all the cries from the right that Barack Obama was unqualified that they have decided to out-do him by running the least qualified people possible. Maybe they’ve convinced themselves that the Democrats have hit on a winning formula.

You have to be careful not to believe your own propaganda.

Let’s face it, Sarah Palin was mayor and almost-governor (she did quit, after all) and her main qualification is being her own paparazzi; while Bachmann, who is in the House of Representatives, she seems utterly out of her depth when confronted by facts. She is unaware of the Constitution and she likes to tell lies and then claim she never said them while we play it back on YouTube and laugh.

We all remember when she said members of Congress needed to be investigated for being un-American:

And when she said she never said that:

I don’t know about you, but I’m not filled with confidence.

It isn’t that we know she’s going to run. She hasn’t said so. But her people say nothing is off the table. And then there is the little fact that she is planning a trip to Iowa, which is always a significant political move.

This is the “other” big Tea Party leader here we’re talking about, the founder of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress (I wish they only drank tea but they like to dabble in politics too, the dilettantes) . She wasn’t trusted enough by Boehner to get a big leadership post – those all went to men anyway – and you have to wonder if even the right isn’t as nervous about her unpredictability as it is Palin’s.

We have to remember that Bachmann says that God told her to run for office. She may simply be waiting for a clear signal from heaven to come through on the matter of the presidency. Of course, it’s also been suggested that she’s considering challenging Democrat Amy Klobuchar for her  Senate seat.

One thing is for certain: if both Bachmann and Palin decide to run, we’re going to have an entertaining presidential campaign as these two try to out-do each other in looniness to rally the base, which seems to have a thirst for truly unbalanced heroes.

I never thought I’d say the day when a far-right Christian conservative like Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and FOX News personality might seem sane to me (I’m not saying preferable, just measuring degrees of sanity or the lack thereof – I’m just sayin’)

This crazy modern world is almost too much sometimes. We like to think that candidates for high office be at least mentally stable and show some qualifications. I think the Republicans have become confused by the difference between a pundit and a politicians. They’re more after the personality than the skill-set. They want somebody who is a rabble-rouser or an out-and-out demagogue. The willingness to connect only loosely with the facts (if at all) is a big help. But most importantly, you’ve got to be able to say really crazy things and act like you mean them.

Oh, and it helps to work for FOX News, like most of the potential Republican candidates for 2012. You begin to wonder if it’s more correct to speak of Republicans running for office in 2012 or FOX News.

If these are the qualifications for president of the United States, then I admit it: Republicans like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are qualified – more than qualified.

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