Joe Scarborough Doesn’t Get That GOP Is Full of Extremists

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Joe Scarborough has been gone a while

Joe Scarborough Doesn’t Get That GOP Is Full of Extremists

This morning on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough went through verbal gymnastics of first saying how outrageous it was for liberals to politicize the Arizona shootings and then wound it up by calling on the GOP to call out its extremists. Just whom is Joe thinking of? The Republican “leaders” who get the mot press are extremists. They have a network all of their own, where instead of reflecting upon this tragedy, they’re busy blaming liberals. Again.

The GOP is a nursery school for selfish, cynical power brokers who have no problem selling their soul to the devil for a bit more air time.

Here’s Joe living in a fantasy world that the GOP is like the good old days when he was an elected representative. Note the pity party he indulges in (it must be a common gene in the Republican Party: inability to take responsibility and reflexive finger sucking when called out on bad behavior) and the little temper tantrum Joe has when Mark Halperin of Time magazine dares to suggest that conservatives are reacting with anger to being called out on their violent rhetoric.

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Transcript :

Mike: The thing I’m most concerned about is the anger on the right wing commentary, Fox and George Will and other conservatives are in some cases justifiably upset at liberals. But they’re turning this right now in the last 24 hours back into the standard operating procedure of all of this is war and fodder for content, rather than trying to bring the country together.

Joe: Wait a second, mark. I think they would say you have that backwards, that a shooting was turned into fodder to attack conservatives.

(Really? REALLY? Are you people so immature that you can’t even own up for a moment? Why is holding the conservative movement accountable for their choices considered an attack? If they don’t like the consequences of their actions and the resulting outrage, perhaps they should use free market principles and STOP BEHAVING LIKE RAGE-FILLED TWO YEAR OLDS which will then result in not being held accountable for bad behavior. Just a thought.)

Mark: And I — I already made that criticism as well. They’re right, but rather than seizing on it and turning the other cheek, they are back at their war stations. You know — that’s not going to help us.

(Yes, Joe, I’ve already bowed down to the false equivalency that one must embrace in order to not be attacked roundly by the fair and balanced media and the conservatives who are uniting in poutrage. But, just let me say…I mean, just let me point out that you know, you guys did say second amendment remedies and now you’re back at war against liberals….is that helpful?)

Joe: It obviously — the initial reaction was so offensive to conservatives it has united everybody from rush limbaugh to david brooks this morning, who wrote a very, very compelling piece.

(You are surprised that they united in an effort to deny their culpability along with reality? I’m not. What would have surprised me is if one of them had the guts to admit that they have been worse than the other side, they are sore losers, they ginned up hate to obstruct the President and to win 2010. That would have shocked me and of course, that hasn’t happened. They’ve been busy sharing the blame and playing poutrage over reality.)

Mika: Great piece.

(Oh, yes, the false equivalency and the hurt feelings of the Right are the issue here….not the dead people or the congresswoman’s family or a little girl who will never grow up or the people on the ground who are afraid to write their opinion of the Right due to the death threats they receive or…..Yes, it’s about your feelings. We get it. Poor babies. It’s just not fair that mommy and daddy said it was mean of you to tell everyone this government was out to get them, they were infiltrators, they were Marxists, they were Hitler, they were making FEMA camps, and that your listeners needed to arm themselves and rise up! If ballots don’t work, bullets will! Yes, to remind you of your rhetoric is simply mean. Unfair! Your little brother did it first! And the dog ate your homework too. This is just getting outrageous.)

Joe: Of the scapegoating of the conservative movement and especially tea partiers was an offensive act. 100%. Here is my concern. My concern is some conservatives might not take this as the wake-up call that they should. The wake-up call I believe roger has and we will get to it, has took it. Pat Buchanan yesterday, a man a master of using revolutionary war symbolism and militarism, military symbolism says we can’t do this anymore. This is a good opportunity for the republican party to call out their most extreme elements.

(Scapegoating the Tea Party was OFFENSIVE but calling the President HITLER was not. Using racist symbols and calling him a Muslim Marxist was NOT offensive, but suggesting the Tea Party was a part of the culture of violence is offensive. So, basically, the Tea Party can do and say whatever they want and the Republicans don’t want to call them out on it because the Tea Party of hate is all they have. And we’re all supposed to pretend we didn’t see the signs, we don’t remember the spitting, we are OK with armed revolutionaries showing up at town halls interfering with OUR RIGHT to be heard by OUR representatives. Yes. this all about the Tea Party’s feelings.)

Mika: If this isn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

Well, Mika, this won’t be a wake up call and here’s why. Not one of the Republican leaders including Joe here has had the moral integrity, the intellectual honesty, the maturity to man up to reality and take responsibility for it. And this is nothing new. This is the same party that is denying responsibility for the Iraq war, the recession, and every other debacle they created. And this is the same media that sold us all WMD because it pleased the conservatives.

No, I’m not feeling hopeful that this is a wake up call. Because that would require self-reflection instead of poutrage. It would require that they have a platform they can run on and they don’t. It would require that they had another way of tricking voters and they don’t. Fear, rage, lies and division is what they have. See, the extremists are all they have. So how can they call them out? Just who would have the cojones over there to do that and face sure fire public hanging at the hands of the collective conservative movement? Just look at how they’re attacking the sheriff in Arizona who has the temerity to express his opinion. It’s war. It’s war each and every day, all day long, until they’ve worn this country down and people are afraid to speak up, to speak their mind, to speak their truth for fear of the repercussions.

What we’re seeing these last few years is the result of lying to people for years, of jacking them up on hate, of making them believe the government is out to get them, of scaring them each day until terror of the government seizes an unstable mind, the endless name calling, the dehumanizing of liberals that they engage in EVEN NOW, all of this adds up to a culture of violence.

It adds up to the Arizona shootings. Is it their fault? No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying it was reasonable to expect people would go insane if they believed what the conservatives have been telling them for the last several years. If I believed Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, I would be full of rage and fear. Who wouldn’t be? A usurper stole the Presidency and he wants to take over this country and make you all his socialist Hitler soldiers. HITLER. That means that President Obama wants to kill millions of people and I’m pretty sure the conservatives think that they are his targets. If you listened to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, you would believe this was TRUE. And you would be angry as hell. If you were the least bit unstable or were vulnerable to instability due to recent events like, say, you had just lost your job (did we mention the recession?) or your spouse had just left you, you might even think that you had best do your patriotic duty to get rid of people who support the “government takeover” of this country.

After all, that’s what they’re telling you. It’s this that the Republicans deny, but this is reality. And they know it.

Spin, spin, spin. Never admit, never concede, never tell the truth. When a Republican leader steps forward to take responsibility for their part in deliberately breeding a culture of rage and fear without “sharing” the blame – but just steps up to the plate like a real leader would – then perhaps we will have reason to expect change from them. The question of the moment is, are Republicans capable of responding to anything without rage? Can they lead this country in any meaningful way, or should they be relegated to nursery school politics.

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