A Moment of Silence….Does Someone Always have To Die?

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The face and spirit of an angel will live on in our history forever.

Arizona Representative, Gabby Giffords is a brave and dedicated servant to the people of Arizona and the United States of America. Her desire and commitment was simply to work hard and serve her constituents. She hosted a “meet and greet” after the new congress met to hear the questions and concerns of those who attended the gathering.

When the new Speaker of the House, Boehner was sworn in and wanted the first order of business to be the reading of the Constitution, Gabby, a Blue Dog Dem was willing to participate with the Republican party to read the First Amendment. The First Amendment ironically is about freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. So as Gabby goes to speak to her constituents and gather their input, all hell breaks lose and she is gunned down by a lunatic with a clear and devastating shot to the head passing through her brain. Gabby is a strong spirit and held on as a new intern recently added to her staff, cared for her and did what he understood would assist her until the EMT’s arrived. He held her hand and she was responsive in squeezing his hand.

Two men, one, a former football player, there to make a purchase at Walgreens and the other a six foot gentleman there to hear information about health care were able to wrestle the shooter to the ground. An older white haired lady assisting was told to grab the magazine the shooter was trying to reach because he had emptied his gun on the innocent crowd and he was determined to finish the job. The lady was able to secure the magazine while the two men held the shooter down and the staffer attended to the congresswoman. These were heroes in the face of real trauma.

In the very brief period of mass madness, the automatic gun of the shooter had opened up on the crowd. The 30 year old event organizer was gunned down and senselessly lost his life. He was engaged and certainly his fiance is now devastated. One man immediately jumped on top of his wife to save her life while taking the bullets himself and thus losing his life. A federal judge who had gone to morning worship had simply stopped by to say hello to his friend Gabby. He was gunned down and now his children and grandchildren and the judicial system that he served have lost him forever.

Another lady in her seventies is now lost forever to her family who don’t understand what has happened. The congressman is battling every moment in intensive care with part of her skull, the size of a hand, removed to allow swelling of her brain to be replaced later with a successful recovery. She is a brave spirit and is fighting with every ounce of her being with her astronaut commander husband by her side. Her astronaut brother in law has sent his blessings literally from space questioning how has this happened in America? She is still at this point showing signs of response. Hopefully by the time this is posted, we will have better news. She already seems like a miracle. We pray for her survival and strength for a potential long difficult rehabilitation and recovery.

There are many others who were injured, but the one who stands out most to me in this traumatic nightmare of domestic terrorism is the beautiful young nine year old girl who was gunned down mercilessly with a shot through her chest while she waited her turn in line to meet the congressman. Her father says he always knew there was something very special about this little girl born on 9/11/2001. She came into the world on the date of a historical tragedy and leaves this world as a victim in a historical tragedy. With deep emotion he states that he and his wife had nine beautiful years with their daughter in between the bookends of tragedy.

She had just been elected to her student body at school and was attending this gathering by the invitation of a neighbor to meet the congressman in person. She has the face and spirit of an angel and she should be symbolized forever in her innocence in representing the spirit of America. Whatever the rhetoric or justification by a madman or by heated irresponsible political or religious rhetoric, this child was certainly an innocent victim and her family, classmates and the country are devastated and outraged!

President Obama and the first lady have called for a national moment of silence in honor of all the victims and their families.

This moment of silence stretched all the way to outer space where the congressman’s brother in law honored the victims as he looked at the beautiful world we call earth that has been tainted by extreme violence and words of hate.

Under presumed peaceful assembly, anyone or any of our friends, associates or loved ones could have been in such a position.

This is domestic terrorism by a seriously deranged human being that has somehow become a monster and a horrible threat to our democracy. I’m sure there are others who fit this profile that we have to look out for.

I do not hold Sarah Palin or any of the other usual suspects personally responsible for the blood shed even though the congressman herself, expressed concern last year about the symbolism of targeted maps because of the potential consequences when this information is taken seriously by those who are extreme or deranged. I do, however, expect Sarah Palin, Beck, Rush, and the rest of those who spread this loud and dangerous rhetoric to tone it down and in this moment of silence, remember what the real spirit of America stands for and what their responsibilities are as leaders and voices of and to the people. No one, no matter what the affiliation, has the right to promote hate and violence on innocent citizens.

President Obama was elected with national and worldwide approval, a President for all the people! Does someone always have to die to get the message through? Must there always be a sacrifice? Must some family always have to be devastated before we hear the real message and make the changes needed to get back to the principals that have made this country great? This is a moment that our politicians can have the opportunity to be real and not partisan.

They do not have to abide by the extreme pressures of the Tea Party. Boehner, the crying speaker could truly have an opportunity to act in a sincere way for the country. Please tone down the rhetoric. Remember the face of little Christina Taylor. Remember the courage of the congressman and those heroes and victims who experienced this tragedy. This is a sad day for America! Can we turn it into a spirit of unity and hope? I respect and look forward to the leadership of our President in these trying times, because this is an attack on our nation’s Democracy!

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