Next Up 2012 As Sarah Palin’s Alaska Is Not Renewed by TLC

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It is being reported today that TLC has decided not to renew Sarah Palin’s Alaska for a second season, and that this Sunday’s two hour finale will be the last episode of the series. There are a number of reasons why the show would not be brought back. A monetary dispute over Palin’s salary for a season two, the negative publicity surrounding the show, and Palin’s 2012 ambitions all could have played a role.

Entertainment Weekly
reported today that there will be no second season of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, “EW did its due diligence and discovered there are no plans to send uber-producer Mark Burnett back to Wasilla with Palin, who’s lured an averaged 3.2 million viewers to TLC with her show. So this Sunday’s two-hour finale of Sarah Palin’s Alaska appears to be its last.” reported that TLC wanted to do a second season of the show, but Palin had some huge salary demands, “”Sarah knows to strike when the iron is hot and started talking about season two right after the show debuted to huge numbers,” a friend of Palin tells me. She knows that celebrities get millions of dollar for each episode of their shows and thinks she’s worth it too. Jennifer Aniston took home millions from ‘Friends’ and in Sarah’s eyes, she’s no different.”

The rumor is that Palin wanted millions of dollars to do a second season. In the world of cable reality TV this demand was at best unrealistic, and at worst delusional. Palin was never going to be able to be paid millions of dollars, but even if TLC would have ponied up the cash, there were other omens that the network was getting a little thin skinned about being in the middle of the negative publicity hurricane that follows Sarah Palin everywhere she goes.

TLC recently used the show’s hired blog to attack a blogger who was critical of some of the statements that Palin made on a recent episode of the show. If the network thought that they were going to harvest a public relations coup by giving the divisive and polarizing Palin a show, they either have not been paying attention how Sarah Palin operates, or they underestimated the American people’s ability to see through such an obvious attempt at political propaganda disguised as entertainment. Either way, TLC wasn’t prepared for the backlash, and may have decided that the negative publicity along Palin’s salary demands made season two a no go.

There is a third consideration at play here. Sarah Palin wants to be the President of the United States in the worst way. Committing months to a second season on TLC would prevent her from getting her political operation set up for the 2012 GOP primaries. If Palin would have committed to a full second season of the show, it would have been the clearest sign yet that she was not running for president in 2012, but by dropping the show, it looks like she is going full steam ahead towards a presidential run.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska didn’t work out quite like either party thought it would. Palin thought the show would rehabilitate her image by making America forget 2008, and fall in love with her and her family. She hoped that America’s new found love would propel her to the White House in 2012. Things have not quite played out that way. The show has been an addictive train wreck. It was must see television just to check out how Sarah could humiliate herself each week. Instead of helping her look presidential, the show revealed her to be petty and bitter about 2008.

Palin appeared just as hollow and uninformed as ever as she desperately tried to cling her image as All American Rugged Outdoors Woman. This image bit the dust as it was revealed that Palin can’t shoot. Palin also can’t fish, and she doesn’t seem to know much about the outdoors either. Sarah Palin’s Alaska tried to fool America into loving a person that is a figment of Sarah Palin’s own imagination. Goodbye, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Although you should win an Emmy for outstanding comedy series, now at least we know that the comedy will continue as the Lucy Ricardo of politics sets her sights on winning the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

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