Sean Hannity Sells Fox KoolAid: Bush Inherited 9/11 & Recession

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Man Child Sean Hannity Demonstrates Fox KoolAid at Work

Man Child Sean Hannity Believes Bush Inherited 9/11 & the Recession

Study after study shows that Fox “News” viewers are the least informed and the most misinformed about current events. But we didn’t need a study to know that talking to a Fox bot is like taking a cool bath in KoolAid while wearing a tin foil hat. But do you ever wonder why these cultists are so angry and so adamant about their version of the world, aka; How Republicans Are the Bestest Ever Rah Rah while at the same time, often proclaiming themselves “independents”? Here’s the answer.

In the world of Fair and Balanced news, Fox viewers think that they are getting correct information from which to make up their own minds. The nice people at Fox, whom they trust implicitly to be “fair and balanced” let little factoids slip in whilst selling other lies. Here’s the latest example of how this works. According to Sean Hannity, poor George W Bush inherited 9/11 along with the recession from Clinton.

From the January 7 edition of Fox News’ Hannity courtesy of Media Matters:

They’re having a “panel” on the economy with a lower third badge that reads “The Chicago Way.” Just in case you missed that the very subconscious message this means that Barack Obama’s Chicago thugs are responsible for the recession. He has on a male and a female guest. The female is talking about how anti-business the current administration is (in spite of the reality that small businesses are getting more breaks under this administration than ever before—oh, but that’s our version of small business, which means mom and pops versus theirs while theirs is a smoke screen for big business).

Sean is busy mocking guest over his “obsession” with Bush:

Hannity: The day you stop blaming Bush, you can come on the program I’ll have you on the program for a whole hour. Get over your obsession with Bush….Barack Obama. Bush has been gone two years now! And the country was far better off when he was in office.

(by “country” Republicans mean big business)

Guest: He was in office for eight years and created the problem and you expect it to be fixed in two.

Hannity: George Bush inherited a recession from Bill Clinton and you didn’t hear him whining every five seconds.

(Bush never whined. He hid. He lied. He pretended not to be afraid of horses. But he never whined.)

Guest: (laughing) A recession? He inherited an unbelievable surplus and…

Hannity: …and he inherited weak national security and he inherited the negativity from 9/11 but…

(By inherited weak national security, Sean means that it was Clinton’s fault that Bush refused to read the intel provided to him, shoved under his nose by desperate national security experts warning of an impending attack by plane on US soil. That Clinton!)

Guest: A surplus….

Guest Two: It’s a New Year.

Hannity: It’s time for the President to man up.

Funny enough, here’s the President discussing grown up things like legislation that pertain to the exact issues Seanie was supposed to be discussing. I guess man-child Hannity knows nothing about it, even though the President signed this legislation in December. It’s not as if Hannity is a person who is supposed to know about politics.

Here we go with the Grown Up touting the new benefits coming from the tax cut compromise for any business large or small, tens of millions of workers and families, and the economy itself:

From the White House Blog:

“For one year, any business, large or small, can write off the full cost of most of their capital investments. The payroll tax cut will mean $1,000 more this year for a typical family – 155 million workers will see larger paychecks because of that tax cut. Twelve million families will benefit from a $1,000 child tax credit and an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit. And eight million students and families will continue to benefit from a $2,500 tuition tax credit. Independent experts have concluded that the tax cut package should significantly accelerate the pace of the recovery. “

What was that you said, Sean? That bit about manning up? I would guess by manning up, Sean means living in his Barbie Dream House world of Fox News where he gets to make up facts and deny reality, waiting for his Georgie Ken doll to come back and save him from the horrible liberal in office who is cutting taxes for businesses – er, I mean, “sending jobs overseas” with high Barbie Dream World taxes. Yes, it wasn’t the tax loopholes that the job-killing Republicans put in office, it was the darn tax breaks that President Obama implemented.

Sean Hannity dishes out the Barbie facts to his KoolAid drinkers and they end up thinking, believing, that Bush inherited a recession and the negative impact of 9/11. Love how Seanie so carefully parses his words there. “Negative impact”. Don’t tell the children, but George Bush ignored intel for 9 months and was too terrified to deal with the attack when it happened. He sat frozen with My Pet Goat in his hands, until finally he ran like a coward to Air Force One where he hid while the nation he was supposed to be leading quaked with terror, fear, and insurmountable grief. And that was years before the ramifications of his caricature of “free market” economic policies kicked in.

Nope, sorry. George W. Bush wasn’t a fiscal conservative. He was good for big business if it was the sort of big business that had their interests aligned with his administration. He was never good for jobs. He didn’t inherit anything but a surplus from Clinton and lastly, he was appointed as President in an act of high-perfidy by the Supreme Court. And yet Fox acts as if President Obama is taking over the government. The only people taking over the government are Fox News and the Republican puppets who do their corporate master’s bidding. They’re hi-jacking our government to run for the best interests of corporations and that was never the intent of our government.

These are the facts in Grown Up Land. But hush now, let Sean play with his Ken doll and pretend that only Georgie Ken Doll can run the world. Underneath all of the silliness, Fox is selling the New Meme: The new Death Panels-esque lie of the new year for Republicans is: “Democrats are job-killers” because they tax business. This is another Big Lie. Democrats aren’t taxing big business or rich people (the trickle down “job creators” narrative we’ve heard so much about but never seen scant evidence of) and jobs died under Bush, due to a recession as well as business tax loopholes given to big corporations that made it more profitable for them to manufacture in other countries. Lastly, The Obama administration created more jobs in one year than Bush did in eight.

Republicans are selling Americans a big old rotten lemon of a lie, and the killer is, we already got food poisoning from this same lemon just a few years ago. Sour lies told by cynical men and sold by grown men acting like Ken barbies for a network actively advocating for the Republican Party. Republicans Darwinian and already proven failure economic theories are the job-killers. Hannity’s lies represent the battle for the soul of the rights of the American worker.

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