Republicans Are Representing An America That 98% Of Us Don’t Belong To

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In the course of the campaign for the midterm elections, Republicans steadfastly spoke of doing the will of the American people and then went on to articulate precisely what the people wanted. John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and Jim DeMint have continued in that vein as the 112th Congress geared up to begin. However, there is a major disconnect between what the American people really want and what Republicans tells us we want.

According to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH), the American people do not want affordable health care, and House Republicans have made it their first priority to repeal health care reform that was passed and signed into law last March. The law would help at least 30 million uninsured Americans finally have health coverage, and it would save the government millions of dollars because the poor habitually end up in hospital emergency rooms for minor maladies. Uninsured Americans are covered by Medicare when they have no coverage at a great expense to America. John Boehner and his filthy rich corporate masters do not need affordable health care; in fact, none of the members of Congress need affordable health care because the taxpayers afford them premium coverage at no expense to the legislators.

With the national unemployment rate hovering around 10%, Americans urgently need decent paying jobs just to survive. Republicans continue claiming that all of the Democrat’s legislation passed the last two years killed jobs, and yet the unemployment rate soared during the Bush Administration with Republicans in control of the House and Senate. During that time period, companies and corporations that relocated manufacturing jobs to foreign countries enjoyed tax breaks and incentives for their efforts at killing American jobs with blessings from the GOP.  The Republicans have been outspoken about taking the government back to the practices that put Americans in the desperate condition the Obama Administration has worked so diligently to extract the country from.

Americans also want to have security in their retirement for all the hard labor they put in for 30 to 40 years so they will not end up in poverty. Republicans however, have made it their goal to privatize Social Security so Americans’ retirement contributions will be in the hands of Wall Street who helped decimate the economy and the retirement income of millions of Americans during the financial crisis that Republican policies helped create. Republicans grumble that Social Security is in trouble, but the truth is they just want to get their avaricious hands on the $3.9 trillion in the Social Security trust so they can turn it over to Wall Street to lose in the next financial crisis they will create without regulations to stop them.

Millions of Americans have lost their homes because of impropriety in the banking industry, and now Republicans want to repeal the banking and financial reforms passed by Democrats because banks can no longer rape consumers. Republicans hate regulations because their corporate masters do not want to be held accountable for unfair charges and practices that favor banks at the expense of consumers.

The list goes on ad infinitum, but one thing is impeccably clear; Republicans are serving a different America than 98% of the country belongs to. Republicans held up unemployment benefits for millions of Americans for the sole purpose of getting the Bush-era tax cuts for the 2% wealthiest Americans.

John Boehner tearfully explained that he wanted America’s children to have the opportunity to succeed that he had, but his party has made it their objective to do the exact opposite. He has claimed he did every dirty job growing up and is doing his best to make sure that every single American is stuck doing every dirty job throughout their entire working lives. Republicans are endeavoring to destroy unions at the behest of corporations and big business with the help and funding from the Koch Brothers and Fox News.

The America that Boehner and his associates are working for is not the America that most people live in. Boehner is accused of quitting work early to hit the bars, and takes corporate junkets to play golf at the best resorts when the average American can ill-afford playing golf at all.  Boehner took 180 corporate junkets in six years while that average American is fortunate to take a week-long vacation close to home; if at all.

It would be easy to claim that Boehner and Republicans in Congress just don’t comprehend the plight of regular working-class Americans, but that is giving them too much credit. By Boehner’s own admission, he had to work his way to success and came from a lower middle-class background, so he does know what the average American life is like. He just doesn’t care. What he does care about is his corporate sponsors and making sure that they are allowed to rape the American people without consequences.

When Boehner and congressional Republicans stand in front of a camera and claim that Americans don’t want affordable health care, a secure retirement, a decent home, and an education, he is talking about the extremely wealthy Americans who support his lavish lifestyle. Republicans are so entrenched in protectionism for the rich, that they malevolently disregard the wishes of Americans who are struggling to stay afloat in the economic morass the Republicans have created. It is not being too far-reaching to say that until 98% of Americans are living in abject poverty and stuck subsisting day-to-day working at jobs that pay less than the current minimum wage, Republicans will not be content. They just need to remember that throughout history, when the majority is desperate and sees no way out of their abject poverty, they will rise up and destroy the people who have put them there. Boehner and his Republican posse though, will continue telling the American people what they want and are not intelligent enough to see that in the very near future, all Americans will realize that the America Boehner is talking about is not the real America. This author, for one, will enjoy seeing their demise.


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