Slaying the Republican Myth Of Obama The Job Killer

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Republicans are masters of buzz-words and catch-phrases that frighten or enrage the Fox News crowd and supporters who are too ignorant to reason for themselves, and as the 112th Congress gets underway, they have come up with a doozy. With unemployment hovering around 10% and the economy slowly recovering, the GOP is bringing out the “job-killing” meme and applying it to every Democratic legislative achievement of the last two years.

In the lead up to the midterm election, Republicans and conservative pundits were repeating the phrase, job-killing policies of President Obama and Democrats so often that one would think they had worn it out. Well obviously they loved the phrase so much that they just plugged in different words like health care law, financial reforms, and myriad regulations in an effort to indoctrinate the foolish Fox News crowd until it became common knowledge that every Democratic achievement was a job-killer.

In particular, since Republicans’ first priority is to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, they ratcheted up the notion that the law is a job killer. Apparently Boehner and his posse have no concept of time or dates because the law doesn’t fully go into effect until 2014, and it was only signed into law 10 months ago; so how the law is a job killer or will add to the deficit is a mystery. It is also interesting that the CBO has said that repealing the law will increase the deficit by $230 billion over the next ten years. The brilliant Mr. Boehner though, says that the CBO is entitled to their opinion; an opinion based on informed expertise regarding budgetary matters.

Boehner says that companies will have to fill out paperwork if the health care law is not repealed and that paperwork will kill jobs. It is more likely that Boehner is protecting the insurance industry that cannot drop clients for pre-existing conditions, or cannot kick children off of their parent’s policies. Or it is just that Republicans want to undo Obama’s legislative achievements. Whatever the Republicans’ motivation, they will gain traction by claiming the health care law is a job killer.

Michelle Bachmann said that she wants to repeal financial and banking reform because they are also job killing laws. The Minnesota Republican said, “I’m pleased to offer a full repeal of the job-killing Dodd-Frank financial regulatory bill.” Bachmann’s reasons for a full repeal of the law that regulates banks, mortgages, credit card products, and limits speculative trading activities that wiped out 40% of the world’s economy is because, “It gave Washington bureaucrats the power to interpret and enforce the legislation.” Ms. Bachmann’s legislation is endorsed by the Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity, both of which are conservative groups; Americans for Prosperity was founded and funded by David Koch, the oil billionaire responsible for funding the tea party movement.

It appears that all of the job-killing laws are in direct conflict with corporate America and the oil industry in particular. It is not surprising that corporations are anti-regulation, and no wonder that they have promoted the “job-killing” meme to dupe the Fox News crowd into supporting Republicans. It is so blatant, that Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) sent out more than 150 letters to corporations, think tanks, and a variety of industries to ask them what regulations are harmful to job creation. If the oil industry and corporations in general get to have their say, they will want each and every regulation repealed and they will want their taxes eliminated as well.

The Republicans are firmly in the pockets of big business or they would not be so audacious as to ask for recommendations on which regulations to eliminate. One thing is for sure, and it’s that the Republican Party is solely owned and operated by Fox News and corporate America. If Republicans were serious about halting job-killing regulations, they would not have blocked legislation to eliminate tax breaks for businesses and corporations that outsourced American jobs that the Democrats proposed.

Republicans do not care about Americans or jobs. They are still selling the illusion that if corporations and the wealthy make more money, some money will trickle down to the American public. As long as their corporate masters continue feeding big money to Republicans’ PACs, they will continue eliminating regulations and taxes for them. If it means claiming that regulations and legislation to help the American people kill jobs, they will continue repeating it until they achieve the desired effect.

Democrats must get ahead of Republicans to mitigate the idea that the Affordable Health Care Act, financial regulations, and environmental regulations kill jobs. It is time for President Obama to have some serious discussions with the American people to explain why there are no jobs, or the American people are doomed and his tenure as President will be over in one term. Obama is a brilliant man, but he has to come up with a meme of his own that calls Republicans what they really are; liars and corporate shills.

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