Sarah Palin Projects Her Own Desire to Destroy America On To Obama

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Sarah Palin projects her own faults onto the President

Sarah Palin ended her holiday season silence today by popping up on the Laura Ingraham radio to show to launch into a rant about how Obama is intentionally trying to weaken America. Palin said, “What I believe that Obama is doing right now — he is hell-bent on weakening America.”

Here is the audio of Sarah Palin on Laura Ingraham’s Show:

After whining about the nomination process, and blasting John McCain for daring to suggest bi-partisan immigration reform, Palin went on a paranoid rant about how she doesn’t trust Obama and the White House, “I don’t personally trust what comes out of the White House. I think, and you know, this is probably going to be a take-away for you, Laura, and it’s gonna get some people all wee-weed up again, but let me tell you: What I believe that Obama is doing right now — he is hell-bent on weakening America.”

Palin then gave her “evidence” to support her point, “He has told us, back in March 2006, he told us that it weakens America, domestically and internationally, to raise the debt — to raise the debt ceiling, right? And he said it is a sign of failed leadership to support raising the debt ceiling, and now he is doing exactly that. So what Obama is doing — purposefully weakening America — because he understood that debt weakened America, domestically and internationally, and yet now he supports increasing debt.”

The problem is that Obama never said that raising the debt ceiling weakens America. According to The Hill, here is what he said in March 2006, “Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership.”

Palin doesn’t seem to understand that raising the debt ceiling in the pre-recession era in order to pay for tax cuts and war was a lack of leadership by the Republicans in power. Although it is humorous to listen to tax and spend Sarah pretend to be a fiscal conservative, she is cut from the same cloth as George W. Bush and the congressional Republicans whose reckless spending caused our deficit to skyrocket in the last decade.

Ms Palin’s relentless jabs against President Obama are getting more tiresome than shocking, and if I were advising her, I would be concerned about this fact. Ms Palin jumped the criticism shark with her silly and desperate jabs at the First Lady for her childhood obesity initiative. After two years of relentless attacks on the President wherein she pretended she knew how to stop the Gulf Oil Spill and other such self-aggrandizing impossibilities, Ms Palin now appears to be shooting blanks.

Let us remind ourselves just who is, in reality, hell bent on “weakening America”. The person hell bent on weakening this country is the one who has attacked this President at every turn, regardless of how her country might have benefited by her stepping up the plate of united leadership as it faced crisis after crisis. The person hell bent on weakening America is the person who abandoned her post as Governor of Alaska to make a personal fortune, leaving Alaska with a 70% debt to GDP ratio. The person hell bent on weakening America is the person who had no plans for Alaska and has no plans for America other than already proven oxymoronic jingles.

But even without this history, the person hell bent on weakening America would more likely be the person with close ties to the Alaska Independence Party, a secessionist party, than the person running the country right now. Yes, America has questions about Ms Palin’s true hopes for this great country and they need to be answered sooner rather than later.

Ms Palin’s gutter-trolling flailing for attention has become such an embarrassment that even the foreign press has deemed her a traitor. Yes, the only person hell bent on weakening America is obviously Ms Palin, who has taken her brief stints on foreign soil as an opportunity to attack the President during a time of war. Ms Palin failed to respect the code of conduct on military bases and allowed her entourage to viciously attack the President on military bases. Ms Palin can’t even find the grace to simply be quiet when her country is faced with mounting disasters and crises (many of them ironically brought about by Ms Palin’s ideology). Ms Palin is so spiteful that she finds it impossible to respect a country that rejected her in 2008.

Ms Palin continues to shoot her blanks from across her cowardly bunkers of fear (Ms Palin never does any media where she might be asked an unfriendly question or even a question that is not pre-approved), aiming as recklessly as she did at the caribou she missed five times, but always hopeful that this time she’ll hit the mark. Ms Palin’s paranoia usually manages to mangle whatever strength her charisma has to offer and over time, Americans have grown weary of her obstinately frantic bids for attention. Branded with the Lie of the Year in 2009, Ms Palin fared no better in 2010.

If Ms Palin plans to run for her party’s nomination for Presidential candidacy, she had best call an image consultant stat. Ms Palin needs to retreat before she reloads, or she’ll be left in a pile of wasted shells of her own making. America needs ideas, solutions, and candidates who are serious about governing. She doesn’t need a run-away governor who fled to the hills to find gold on TV and whose only discernible asset is her uncompromising hate for the President. Ms Palin is coming off like a petulant child on her sibling’s birthday, so absorbed in what she didn’t get that she can’t overcome her own self-pity and self-absorption for even one moment. She is a fame-seeking missile of self-destruction.

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