The World is Flat: GOP Kills Climate Change Committee

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Republicans Killing Energy Independence

Republicans are breaking campaign promises left and right already, one day in. However, they still managed to use their new power to wage their war on science by killing off the committee for energy independence in the House. This will no doubt turn into a series of deaths for logic and reason, so buckle up. Already we know that they are gearing up to kill the Office of Congressional Ethics. No more needs to be said here, I think the reasons for this are self-evident. They’ve got K-Streeters infiltrating Capitol Hill offices already. So much for Tea Party reform. But the news this morning will feed the hungry beasts what they think they want: a beat-down on science. Oh, glee! This so makes up for the lobbyists running the incoming Republicans! Oh, wait. This is because of the lobbyists. Shhh…..Don’t tell the Tea Party!

Republicans have already killed the 2007 Pelosi-created Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming. Yes, that would be a committee to deal with nonsense like the inter-related issues of energy independence, national security, America’s economic future and global warming. Things the 112th Congress has little use for.

The committee passed such legislation as the Energy Independence and Security Act that increased our use of bio-fuel, increased investment in clean energy technologies to the tune of 90 billion in clean energy per the stimulus, and carbon reduction targets were set by the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act along with a plan for clean energy jobs. Pfft.

The scandal ridden yet somehow re-elected Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the new head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has been gleefully awaiting the moment when he could hold hearings on the politicization of science. Yes, you heard me right. We’re going to re-litigate the mythical, never-was Climate Gate Scandal, which was already investigated and found to lacking wrong-doing. This will be your tax dollars hard at work to deregulate anything and everything so Issa’s corporate masters can make a bigger buck, while congratulating Tea Partiers and the evangelical right for their climate change denial.

But science denier Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) was thinking of keeping Pelosi’s committee open long enough to use it to investigate the general fraud of science; so much fun with our tax dollars, so little time! Sensenbrenner, of the “scientific fascism!” claim, has been denied this moment of joy, much as he has denied our planet a fighting chance. Can’t say I feel bad for the guy. The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming is dead.

Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones reports:

“Tackling issues from the politicisation of climate science to the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, the committee held 80 hearings and briefings. It played a role in shaping policy for the 2007 energy bill, the 2009 stimulus package (which included $90bn [$58bn] in energy, efficiency, and other green elements), and, of course, the 2009 climate bill (the one that never became law, of course, because the Senate didn’t act on it).”

While this looks like they’re keeping a campaign promise to wage war on science, this is actually just more bending over for big oil and corporate energy interests. Republicans have killed off the energy independence committee, furthering America’s energy dependence all the while lining the pockets of the wealthiest interests. In less than one day, they’ve reinstated their reverse RobinHood strategy of stealing from the people to feed the corporate beast.

Good-bye clean energy jobs. It was nice thinking about you. Good-bye stabilization of the global climate. Good-bye science. The corporate funded science-denier wolves hiding beneath witch hunters’ robes are back.

We had three good years. Au revoir.

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