The Evil Behind The GOP’s Mission to Repeal Healthcare Reform

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When the 112th Congress convenes this week after John Boehner is sworn in and Republicans finish reading the Constitution, the first order of business is to begin the process of repealing the health care overhaul legislation passed earlier this year. The new Republican majority intends on holding a vote to repeal the landmark health care legislation before President Obama delivers his State of the Union address later in the month.

Boehner’s goal is to institute austerity measures that he claims will create jobs and get the economy moving again. Boehner has not given any indication exactly how Republicans will create jobs, but he claims that, “The American people want a smaller, more accountable government.” Boehner says that Republicans will fight for the American peoples’ priorities that, according to Boehner are: “cutting spending, repealing the job-killing health care law, and helping get our economy moving again.”  His implication is that President Obama’s legislative achievements have not helped the economy so they should all be repealed.

The most egregious comment Boehner made was that the health care law killed jobs; a law that does not fully go into effect until 2014 and was only signed in March 2010. Of course, Republicans’ supporters are not intelligent enough to do the simple arithmetic to ascertain that it is only 2011 and the law is still 3 years from full implementation, but they will respond to the “job-killing health care law” meme regardless the lack of veracity of the statement.

Even though the Republicans have a large majority in the House, any repeal will hardly make it through the Senate or past President Obama’s veto. The next chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich) says Republicans will hold a vote to repeal the health care law very early in the new Congress. If the repeal effort fails, Upton says they will go after the bill piece by piece to overturn some of the key portions of the health-care law including the individual mandate and the Stupak amendment that allows federal payments for abortion in the case of rape and incest.

It is simple evil on the part of Republicans to force rape and incest victims to have the babies from such vile acts, and worse yet because as soon as the child is born, the woman and child are abandoned by the system that forces them to carry the fetus to term. Women’s rights groups and decent people must fight against the Christian-inspired torture that forces a woman to undergo a double assault at the hands of conservative bible-thumpers.

Repealing the health care law though is not going to create any jobs and will cost the government more now and in the future. A recent study shows that for people without affordable health insurance, their risk of hospitalization because they cannot afford regular checkups and treatment to keep them healthy costs California $3.5 billion yearly. Diseases like diabetes, COPD, and pneumonia strike the senior population especially hard and those maladies needlessly hospitalize people who could avoid hospital stays if they had simple checkups and treatment programs available. Experts at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say seniors who get flu shots and vaccines against pneumonia are less likely to end up staying and dying in the hospital. Simple screening programs to identify potential problems like diabetes and COPD in seniors will mitigate future problems before they occur, but many seniors do not have health insurance or the means to go to clinics or a doctor.

It is why the health care law is so important to save lives and money. The average patient who ends up in the hospital cannot afford follow-up visits or medication, and end up in a cycle of hospital stays that are not necessary with proper care. It is ironic that white seniors who are without health care vote for Republicans who are intent on repealing affordable health that could save their lives. But that is the problem with stupid people who vote against their own self-interests and support Republicans because they claim to repeal a health care law that kills jobs. The average cost for government sponsored free clinics that do all screening and provide vaccines is $30 per year. One ambulance ride and hospital stay can cost in the thousands of dollars, so Republicans’ claims of saving jobs and money by repealing the health-care law are blatant lies and fiscally irresponsible.

Republicans simply do not care about Americans, and their real goal is to undo President Obama’s legislative achievements. Republicans eager to paint the Obama Administration as ineffective by repealing health care reform and  measures like financial regulation will end up wasting time and energy, but since they have spent the past two years being unproductive, their plans are nothing new.

Americans are still waiting to see exactly how Boehner and his lackeys in the House will create jobs and get the economy moving again. The economy is making slow progress, but Republicans have not contributed to the recovery. They will make a nice show of reading the Constitution and attempting to repeal the health care law, but a nice show is all they can muster. If Republicans think the Senate and President Obama will go along with their austerity measures and legislative malfeasance, they are mistaken. It is just too bad that for the next two years, Republicans will continue to obstruct America like they have done since January 2009.  The good thing is that Americans are watching and along the way, many of the old white people who put Republicans in power will either die or languish in hospitals for diseases that the health care law could have prevented. Maybe there is some justice after all.

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