Do You Love Your Freedoms? Sarah Palin Has Citizen Kicked Out for T-Shirt

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Exercising Freedom of Speech is Dangerous in Alaska

Do You Love Your Freedoms? Sarah Palin Has Citizen Kicked Out for T-Shirt

Sarah Palin had a woman escorted out of her book signing today in Alaska. The woman’s crime was the t-shirt she wore which read “worst governor ever”. Ms Palin is often complaining about her own first amendment rights (translated to mean the Press can not criticize her or fact-check her without trampling on her first amendment rights) but seems to think less highly of other Americans’ rights.

Sarah Palin appeared at the Costco Warehouse in South Anchorage Saturday morning, December 18, 2010, to sign her recently-released book “America by Heart.” The Anchorage Daily News reported:

“Security kicked out at least two people — a woman with a “Worst Governor Ever” shirt, and a blogger critical of Palin, who claimed Todd recognized him and security escorted him out.

The store was prepared to give out paper wrist bands to 1,000 customers, assuring the first 500 they would see Palin. The next 500 had no guarantee, but not nearly that many people showed up.”

This isn’t the first time dissenters have been escorted out of a Palin event. Last year during her book signing in Alaska, two Alaskans were escorted out. Speaking of them, one of them is blogger Gryphen of Immoral Minority, the same blogger referred to by the ADN. Gryphen tweeted today that he was also escorted out of Ms Palin’s book signing:

“Denied! Kicked out again! Todd identified me immediately. And.damn was Sarah was pissed! about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck”

It’s hard to imagine a leader who can’t handle reading a t-shirt that is not supportive of her. Oh, wait, former President Bush also had problems with t-shirts. And we all know how much he valued our right to dissent.

If Ms Palin is really going to run for President, one hopes she grows thicker skin and has someone explain the first amendment to her because in this case, she represents the government a lot more than any of these citizens do. And were she to occupy a public office again, it would be frowned upon for her to have citizens escorted out of her proximity for daring to criticize her. Were we to apply Ms Palin’s logic to President Obama, then he should have Ms Palin escorted out of any event he attends due to her incessant, inaccurate and unseemly attacks upon him.

How do you like Ms Palin’s America now?

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