Conservative Joe Rehyansky Advocates Corrective Rape for Lesbians

Nov 28 2010 Published by under Featured News

Joe Rehyansky – have you heard of this guy? He’s all over the blogosphere right now for acting like a stereotypical male, you know, the kind who thinks all goodness flows from the tip of his penis (obviously none is flowing out of his head).

Joe’s bio tells us only a little about him:What it doesn’t tell you is that Joe is a conservative unless you’re aware of the National Review as a conservative rag. It wouldn’t be exactly fair to conclude from this that Joe is a whack job, but if you did, well…who am I to tell you that you’re wrong?

Joseph A. Rehyansky is retired from the United States Army and the Chattanooga, Tennessee, District Attorney’s Office. He is a former contributor to National Review whose writings have also appeared in Human Events Online, The American Spectator, and other publications.

Joe wrote a little piece the other day for the Daily Caller called, Don’t hint, don’t wink: An immodest proposal and this is what has attracted the attention.

Joe thinks the lesbians should be allowed to join the military so that they can be raped into changing into good little heterosexuals. Subdue them with the penis, seems to be Joe’s battlecry. Because what lesbian can resist a penis or ten?

Joe is one of those dinosaurs who thinks in the “you people” mindset. I remember Harry Morgan in an episode of MASH best exemplifying this when demanding that a black soldier sing and dance for him because “his people” are good at that. Well Joe can stand toe to toe with that character (who thank the gods was fictional – Joe ain’t):

[M]ost gays are not inclined toward military service, but many lesbians are, and it is an open secret that they do well in the calling, especially in medical and administrative specialties.

I’ve always said that lesbian women are great administrators! Yessir!

But a few penises can take care of that.

In a final argument (now removed by the Daily Caller) Joe gets to the meat (pardon the expression) of his argument:

“My solution would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective ‘Broke Back,’ thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.”

Joe seems to be advocating subduing lesbians with the penis and through corrective rape bringing them around to the “true religion” of “heterosexuality.”

Honestly, I’m surprised Joe still has a job, but then it’s difficult to be TOO extreme when you’re a conservative these days. In a sense what Joe is saying is not all that new. Misogyny runs rampant in Republican ranks (right alongside racism). Joe just upped the ante a bit by actually advocating not just hating women (and lesbians in particular) but raping them too. Republicans already advocate raping their own wives so maybe they don’t see this as a big departure from their existing belief-system.

The rest of us should be alarmed, however, and the more so since we’re not likely to see this clown condemned on FOX or any other media outlet. Joe Rehyansky is an example of why true, universal tolerance is an impossibility, because there will always be those things that cannot be tolerated, and the conservative hatred of women is bad enough. Advocating mass rape is beyond the pale, and even Republicans ought to recognize this. But you can bet you won’t see Sarah Palin go after Joe Rehyansky; she’s too busy accusing Couric of lacking journalistic ethics by asking her what she reads. Compared to that, how do a few raped lesbians even enter the conversation?

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