Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know the Difference Between North and South Korea

Nov 24 2010 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

North Korea, South Korea what's the difference? Stop picking on me!

While you were at the store this morning, standing in line with Real Americans after a fight over the last turkey in the meat department, our Lady of Liberty of the North took a break from mean-tweeting about her daughter Bristol’s DWTS defeat and hawking her second ode to enemy centric strategy against any and all of ‘em enemies of La Palin to call into Glenn Beck’s radio show, where she shared her deep concern over our White House’s national security weakness with our allies, the North Koreans.

Yes, while the rest of the Right beats the hawkish drum of warfare against North Korea (yet another war we should be in! Paid for with extending Bush tax cuts for the rich, of course), Sarah Palin doesn’t know the difference between North and South Korea. But hark! Her angel of education, Glenn Beck’s co-host, is here to save her.

The Right must love America a teeny, tiny bit, enough at least to educate Palin that there is a difference between North and South Korea. We here in Real America thank the Glenn Beck College, where you might be a college drop out but they still expect you to know that the North Koreans are not our allies.

Palin’s second public pratfall over foreign policy this week occurred while Palin was busy explaining that the TSA needs to “profile the bad guys” and just search them (not Real Americans, you silly President!) instead of the Big Government intrusion of scanners at the airport! Now how would we know who is a terrorist when Sarah Palin doesn’t even know who the allies of America are?

Of course Sarah Palin hasn’t flown commercial in quite a while apparently, and can’t know what the average American goes through regarding TSA, but she’s sure our rights are being violated. Head’s up to all on the Left who are beating this drum, this meme was brought to you courtesy of some folks with an agenda about big government; whether you agree with how they’re doing it or not, you’re helping them carry their water and soon enough, you will see the third TSA chief nominee drummed out of office and once again, we will be without a TSA chief courtesy of the Right. They’ve only allowed us to have one for months, after all but then most Americans aren’t aware of this because the Senate Republicans placed a Secret Hold on our TSA chief nominee. For almost two years. National security first, unless it means the chance to push for the failure of the Obama administration. Because nothing says patriotism like putting Americans at risk in order to destroy the opposing party’s President.

Having just been groped and scanned myself, I can tell you that I’d rather be groped and scanned by TSA than listen to Sarah Palin talk. Who will stand up for my freedoms?

Also, Palin doesn’t let a chance to expose us to her toxic view of the world where all people are pedophiles pass her by. In the most innocuous of circumstances, Palin has seen sexual perversion in which her children are the preferred sexual object. This is, in fact, her go to argument against pretty much everything she doesn’t like. Psychologists the country wide sense trouble but we are all too busy pretending Palin is a viable candidate for President lest we also be accused of pedophilia to note how bizarre her fixation on this subject is.

Palin is careful to note that she doesn’t want those TSA people looking at naked pictures of her daughters, assuming they are all pedophiles who would be sexually turned on by her young daughter (though it is of course OK to suggest that TSA grope the President’s 9 year old girl). I can only wonder why Palin seeks to limit her daughters’ exposure now? Perhaps her real objection is the failure of TSA to pay her for this intrusion. Not to worry, charming as they are, I’ve seen enough of her daughters, as I suspect has Real America. A head’s up to TSA, you will soon be harassed by angry Tea Partiers who believe you are all pedophiles, saving images of the Palin children to pour over late at night when you’re done groping unwilling Americans, as if there would naturally be no other more enticing victims than a Palin. So it goes in PalinLand.

Listen to your Reality TV Pop Culture Infusion President explain that Obama is weak on national security because we need to stand with our North Korean allies, courtesy of Think Progress:

Transcript from Think Progress:

CO-HOST: How would you handle a situation like the one that just developed in North Korea? […]
PALIN: But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies. We’re bound to by treaty –
CO-HOST: South Korean.
PALIN: Eh, Yeah. And we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.

Eh, yeah, whatever, co-host Pat Grey, pick pick! You sexist. I suppose this will lead to more of the lame stream media pickin’ on our Lady of Liberty! Typical libertard elites. Like it matters. North South. Whatever.

Palin also wants us to remind North (or South) Korea that contrary to how she runs her family and her professional life, we are not going to “reward bad behavior”, such as giving a middle finger to America if you win Dancing with the Stars or quitting on your state to pursue the love of Hollywood elites you pretend to despise. And remember, North or South Korea, Palin can see you from her kitchen window on a clear day. Russia, Korea. Whatever!

Lest you be choking on your T-day preparations, your heart palpitating at the thought of this person in your White House conducting meetings with head’s of states, tripping over the meaning of enemy centric, the Bush Doctrine, and exactly who are allies are and are not, let me remind you that it doesn’t matter what your President knows. It matters if you would like to have a beer with them. It matters how many flag pins they wear and it matters that they talk a lot about God, even if their mentions of God are only fleeting cursory brushes meant to excuse their own poor behavior and their rabid ambitions to rule the world.

So far, Palin has tried to start a war with Russia, Iran and now South Korea. Countdown to World War courtesy of Our Lady of Liberty, our Great Frozen Dictator of the North…..

Lest you forget, peeps, this is the GOP’s best and brightest. Their own frankenmonster that just months ago they were selling as more qualified than Obama. Uh huh. And you believe them about anything?

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