Sarah Palin Gets Outted as George Soros’ Manchurian Caribou Barbie

Nov 19 2010 Published by under Featured News

It was only a matter of time before the culture of paranoia and fear that dominates the Republican Party turned inwards and started attacking its own, as it seems that Glenn Beck’s weeks of fear mongering about George Soros have come home to roost in the form of allegations that Sarah Palin is really a sham candidate. She is a puppet set to do Soros’ bidding if she wins the Republican nomination in 2012.

This theory about the Manchurian Caribou Barbie was floated out there today by none other than noted Obama birther, and professional Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who has managed to take the Glenn Beck style of argument and apply it to Sarah Palin. Keyes uses Palin’s foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann as the glue that binds Soros to Palin, “I’m sure many wishful and well-intentioned Palin fans will be moved brusquely to dismiss this information as an isolated fact being exploited (as usual) by another one of Palin’s leftist abusers. Yet the telltale flaw in Palin’s supposedly conservative credentials is a proven penchant for relying on advisers who mislead her into decisions that are anything but conservative.”

He then floated the idea that Palin will be a Soros backed sham Republican candidate in 2012, “George Soros provides funding resources for activism that undermines the American constitutional republic. The details of his largesse confirm the fact that this activism is at work in both the Democratic and Republican parties. With one hand Soros instigates the openly leftist push for global, totalitarian socialism characteristic of the Obama faction. With the other he quietly promotes the self-serving crypto-socialist agendas that hide behind the mask of conservative rhetoric put on by Republican leaders in the McCain/Palin mold. As a result, in 2008 the sham two-party system offered a choice between the Soros-backed partisan network of John McCain and the Soros-backed partisan network of Barack Obama. Will a GOP nominee like Palin assure the same sham alternative in 2012?”

What everybody needs to keep in mind is that Alan Keyes has gone from a somewhat charming professional candidate to bat shit crazy lunatic in record time. This is the same Alan Keyes who is a birther and who believes that Obama is a force of evil. However, it is not as easy to dismiss Keyes as it used to be. As the chatter in Republican circles has drifted more to the fringe right, Keyes isn’t so far out of the mainstream anymore. The problem for Sarah Palin is that before Keyes went for a ride on the Crazy Town Express, he did raise a valid point. Palin’s conservative credentials are anything but conservative. She raised taxes and engaged in flat out Socialistic programs while governor of Alaska. If GOP primary voters subject Palin to a purity test, she is likely to fail.

The delicious irony here is that Palin is now being attacked using the same methodology that she used when she went rogue on the 2008 campaign trail. Keyes’ attempt to tie Sarah Palin to George Soros through Randy Scheunemann bears an eerie resemblance to Palin’s attempt to tie Barack Obama to Bill Ayers in 2008. Palin is getting a taste of her own medicine, and the dosage is only going to get larger as we get closer to 2012. What Keyes wrote today was the beginnings of a whisper campaign against Sarah Palin within the grass roots of the GOP. Palin is no more affiliated with Soros than Obama was with Ayers, but thanks to her friend Glenn Beck’s megaphone of paranoia and conspiracy, Palin’s own loyalty is being questioned by some on the right.

In an attempt to fire up the base in 2008, Sarah Palin is the one who doused the GOP rank and file with the gasoline of conspiracy and struck the first match that lead to the raging fire of fear and paranoia on the right. Palin has consistently tried to fan these flames, and exploit them for her personal gain. This strategy has brought her a devoted following and great personal wealth, but the fire has gotten out of control, and there is an arsonist with his own agenda on Fox News everyday at 5 PM. Glenn Beck started the Soros fire, and it has spread to Sarah Palin’s block. She can smell the smoke and almost taste the flames, and if she isn’t careful her Oval Office dreams will go up in smoke before they ever have the chance to get started courtesy of the very paranoia that she has so devotedly cultivated.

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