The Inevitable Bursting of Sarah Palin’s Media Bubble

Nov 19 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

A sneak peak into Palin's 2012 strategy!

Sarah Palin’s new book, “America by Heart” has suffered a pre-emptive blow after being leaked by Palingates, a Sarah Palin watchdog site. Palingates, as well as several high profile media outlets, point out that Sarah Palin uses race to attack Michelle Obama, the Obama children, and the President.

Anyone who is surprised by this has not been paying attention. Sarah Palin is the great divider, a lowest common denominator among an already low-brow movement of proud to be ignorant, pseudo-rebellious anarchists who are super angry about the democratic process which renounced them in 2008.

Palin appears to be stuck in 2008.

Ms Palin seems to think the Reverend Wright bit will work magically in 2012, when in fact, it failed in 2008 and will fail again. Ms Palin also brings back the failed inference that the President is not qualified (likening him to a talentless American Idol contestant with too much self-esteem in yet another epic projection), forgetting that President Obama has been the President for two years and therefor has achieved something Palin never will. President Obama has also never quit on an oath to the public he swore to serve, no matter how much we may have antagonized and enticed him to do just that. Ms Palin is also operating under the delusion that she can accuse the First Lady of not being proud of her country (another failed 2008 smear), when it is Sarah Palin who is married to a secessionist.

None of these strategies worked in 2008 and beating these dusty memes only makes Palin look like the emotional retrograde she is, still clinging to her wounds from 2008 and sure that if enough people hear her, they will denounce Obama. Ms Palin is unaware that in real America, blatant racism doesn’t play well. And she is also unaware that our President and his family are too self-disciplined to even acknowledge her embarrassingly juvenile attempts to engage them.

Stuck in 2008 as she is, Palin is failing to take into account the press of 2012.

If she runs, the press will run the video of Palin’s own church, where she not only sat in the pews but was prayed over by a witch doctor whose own history in Africa is much more damaging than anything Reverend Wright ever said. And the press will run the clips of Palin claiming that the war in Iraq is God’s war. Palin will not know what hit her because she is still stuck in 2008, seething with jealousy and outrage that she lost to a black man.

And this is why race will be her “issue”.

Palin is going to run for President, and this is how she will do it. Why? Because she has nothing else. Palin brought the putrid stench of partisanship steeped in accusations best fit for Nazi Germany to a race for mayor of a town of less than 5000 people, leaving Wasillians stunned and gasping for breath at the ferocity of her attacks against her opponent; attacks which took the tone of implying that he was Jewish (yes, this may not be a crime yet, but hold on, my fellow Real Americans) and that he might not really be married to his wife, because her last name was not the same as his.

What of it? Well, gosh golly gee whiz flippin’ common sense heart and the troops, can’t you see how that impacts his ability to do mayor-ish things? I mean, so what if Sarah Palin was forced by the City Council to hire a city manager after a recall campaign was threatened against the newly installed mayor Palin due to her incompetence and heavy-handed and paranoid approach to governing. Surely an unmarried Jewish man could not guide the city of 5,000 like a Christian secessionist.

If this were you and you needed to sell yourself as pro-America, and you had no scruples to get in the way, you would do what Palin does best: the best defense is a good offense. Accuse the other side of your largest weakness. Add a bit of deflection, a hint of martyrdom and an exquisite mixture of doe-eyed, thigh-high skirted claims of victimization and you have yourself a winner. Sarah Palin is the Great White Hope of the far right KKK tied secessionist, anarchist movement, the birthers, the white nationalists, and the pseudo Christians who use Christ to demonize “the Other”.

So Sarah Palin’s campaign has already begun and it will consist of trashy, unspeakable things that will hurt your soul, pain your heart and make you question the sanity of your country. And when no one pushes back hard enough against her outrageous claims (they will debunk the lie, but fail to expose the projection), you will find yourself curling up into a ball of horror at what your country has become. This will be one of her worst moments in history. We can only hope that utter devastation is not unleashed upon our dear country by this power-mad despot of terror. And no, I’m not being hyperbolic.

In 2008, she had McCain (yes, even McCain has values) and the establishment who know how to walk the line without crossing it to rein her in—but at the top of the ticket and guided by no one but her chosen entourage of cultists whose best asset is their willingness to appease the paranoia burning the few remaining live brain cells in Ms Palin’s head, you should expect an unfettered reign of terror.

Palin’s book is yet another example of how she is using the media to craft an image that she will run on, along with her “reality” TV show, her appearances on Fox PAC and her Twitter and Facebook pronouncements of “policy”– the arrogance and silliness of which only prove to reading Americans that you can’t know what you don’t know when you know so little.

In a New York Times Magazine profile that appeared online this week, Palin went out of her way to mention the “exposure” she receives through her job at Fox News, saying, “I’m on television nearly every single day with reporters. … Now granted, that’s mainly through my job at Fox News, and I’m very proud to be associated with them, but I’m not avoiding anything or anybody. I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I want to talk about my record, though.”

Exposure is what celebrities do. It is not the same thing as taking questions and talking policy, in other words, interacting in live time with the fourth estate. Neither Facebook nor Twitter nor Fox are vehicles for the fourth estate to do their job. As a supposed journalism major (in spite of the fact that no one at her last college remembers her and we have not been gifted with proof of her degree), Palin should have at least cursory knowledge of the job of a reporter. Not many on Fox PAC will ever be accused of being a reporter. Twitter is not a reporter. Facebook is not a reporter.

Of course she doesn’t want to talk about her record and of course she is avoiding the press. She might be deluded enough to believe that being on Twitter is the same as taking questions from the press, but her mistake is thinking that we are.

Reasonable people will ask what Palin’s problem is with the media and why she not only avoids them, but lobs her pre-emptive smears until all media is automatically discredited in the eyes of her supporters. More importantly, because Palin’s motives here should be obvious (and as for discussing her record, I’d be happy to, starting with her media blackouts on the press going way back to when she was mayor of a small town), why does the American media allow Palin to get away with this and will they continue?

Every time the media runs after Palin like a lap dog, refusing to dig into her real record and allowing her statements that she is against government intrusion, is a fiscal conservative, and is for small government to stand unchallenged, they lower the bar for the next charismatic pathological liar to use social media, the publishing world and reality TV to sell America a dangerous combination of hubris, arrogance, narcissism and rabid ambition.

Palin is too scared and intimidated to talk with anyone about her record, because her record belies her myth. While the rest of the media sells Palin as a conservative, reality tells quite another story.

Why is it that the press seems uninterested in reality when it comes to Palin? She is the great Teflon deceiver, a raging socialistic populist demagogue who spent like crazy on entitlement and socialist programs, grew the size of government, left Wasilla in long term debt due to staggering incompetence, and left Alaskans with a 70 percent debt to GDP ratio — all fueled by her consistent over-reaching abuse of governmental power. This is none too comforting when you add in her obvious-to-insiders mental imbalance.

But Ms Palin is in for a world of shock. The press of 2008 is not the press of 2012. While they’re still in a dense fog of denial, Palin is making it difficult for them to continue languishing in the land of naive belief that she will just go away when the time is right. When they wake up to the reality that Palin thinks she is qualified to be our President, they will begin some serious vetting.

While they will still miss the larger points, they’ve had time to get to know Palin’s reputation for lies and they will not want to be humiliated again. The press scrutiny of the VP candidate is nothing compared to the scrutiny she will face as the top of the ticket. If Sarah Palin thought the media was cruel to her when they asked her what she read, wait until they ask her why she lied about not having healthcare, about Troopergate, about the AIP connections, about Death Panels, the people who died under her administration or about her belief that Iraq bordered America.

And that’s not even the juicy bits. Welcome to 2012, Ms Palin. If you insist upon bringing your scourge of hate upon this country, don’t think we’re going to sit back and take it like we did in 2008. Buckle up, sweetie. The spotlight is on you, where you’ve always wanted it, but I’m not sure you’re going to like it. Your dreams of stardom may well turn into a nightmare. You are about to learn what it feels like to be attacked for real.

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