Willow’s Facebook Outburst Blows the Lid off Sarah Palin’s TLC Propaganda

Nov 17 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

Sarah Palin in political garb selling wholesome family values

It didn’t escape your erstwhile politico that Sarah Palin is all over the news this morning, topping the Alexa hotlinks with stories about how liberals hate it that she’s happy while other sites are reporting on her two daughters’ rather revealing attacks on another young person’s Facebook page. “Faggot” “fat” “low-life loser” are lobbed at the boy who wrote on his own Facebook page that he thought “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was failing. Clearly, such a dark sin can not be ignored, but were he a Palin, certainly his first amendment rights would have already been violated when at first he was criticized for speaking his mind.

As for the family’s claim that neither daughter normally talks like this, I read Bristol’s 2008 MySpace page before it was scrubbed and um, yes she did and much worse. However, the most salient note regarding Willow and Bristol Palin’s Facebook slurs being outted is the awkward timing of reality, rearing his mean little head and directly conflicting with the carefully crafted image of angelic wholesome Northern Barbie Family who like to shoot and pray together so cheerfully sold to us on Palin’s reality TV show.

And even more revealing and more important than slurring teenage language, was the Palin girls’ constant refrain that everyone is jealous of their success and that is why they dare to have negative opinions regarding the family’s TV show.

Willow Palin wrote: “Sorry that all you guys are jealous of my families (sic) success and you guys aren’t goin to go anywhere with your lives.”

Indeed. Jealousy is the problem here. Next time Palin calls out Rahm Emanuel for using the word “retarded”, please shout her down with claims that she is jealous that he is still employed as a politician and never quit his job. Not only is this intended insult a strawman, but reveals Palin’s perpetual parental failure to take responsibility for consistent messages and values.

These are the sad, inevitable beliefs of children of narcissists, where every perceived criticism is attacked with a vengeance, and yet the narcissist (and children of said narcissist) fail to take responsibility for their own wicked, cruel attacks and hence feel even more victimized when others take offense at being called fat losers for daring to state that they dislike a TV show. I am forced to ask if “retarded” is bad, why is “faggot” ok? Mom? Anyone?

Deep within this distasteful debacle is the root of Palin’s success.

Palin pre-emptively strikes at all criticism from her safe havens of Facebook, Twitter and Fox PAC. She slyly suggests males who dare not to worship her are impotent and or pedophiles, thereby rendering them speechless; So unrelated and bizarre a charge is used with malice aforethought as shock and awe against the enemy. The media duly reports such accusations and before you know it, we have America’s foremost martyr on our hands.

Which is just like Christ, don’t you know, except Christ didn’t antagonize others until they had to fight back to preserve any scraps of their own reputation and dignity. But still. This part escapes the media and the public. That unknowing public who still find Palin “stupid” but fail to see the cunning little rabid creature willfully destroying everyone in her path.

And so we are left today with the notion that it is liberals’ fault that Bristol and Willow took to Facebook (following Mommy’s footsteps) to denounce the slightest of criticism with a wrathful vengeance best left for World Wars. Do you know why this is liberals’ fault? Because apparently we are jealous that Bristol is winning “Dancing With the Stars”.

Yes. That’s right. TMZ and Huffington Post are simmering in jealousy over the Palins’ train wreck fame. Or, in reality, happily using the family who has offered themselves up as reality TV stars as ….reality TV stars. But the Palins will hide beneath cover of being politicians when it suits them, demanding the same privacy afforded to other politicians’ families, never acknowledging that other politicians do not offer their families up for unfettered American consumption in order to sell a phony narrative.

The Palin childrens’ Facebook slumming reveals a side of the Palins obviously not covered in their reality TV show; Most celebrities learn how to behave within months of becoming famous, and the children are taught how to protect themselves from this level of engagement. Why don’t the celebrity chasing Palin parents take care of their celebrity children? Because they are using them as political props in several reality TV shows. The fact that the children will be exposed to scrutiny and cruelty is obviously written off as the cost of the selling the Palin myth propaganda and then blamed on the liberal media. It’s a win win for the ultimate martyr, who never takes responsibility for her own children let alone her choices regarding them.

What’s the problem here? Why bother reporting on this at all?

Because what you’re witnessing here is the final merger between entertainment and politics. The deathblow to reason. The ultimate rock and a hard place, if one is to believe Palin when she cries on her reality TV show about invasion of privacy and then preens on Fox Business’ “Freedom Watch” that she is using her show to “get a message to the people” about politics.

Danger lurks, people. This is propaganda at its most pervasive and insidious self and it will kill anything that gets in its way.

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