Sarah Palin’s Newest Delusion: She Thinks She’s Hillary Clinton

Nov 10 2010 Published by under Featured News

You can't fool us Sarah. We know you aren't qualified.

The pre-2012 presidential rumblings continue to come from the direction of reality television star Sarah Palin, as last night in Bucks County, PA when asked about running for president, Palin stole a line from Hillary Clinton and said, “I would be in it to win it.” Sarah Palin has moved on from being the reincarnated Ronald Reagan to now pretending to be Hillary Clinton.

Speaking in the safety of the private, read no media allowed, Plumstead Christian School, Palin dropped more hints about running for president, “I would be in it to win it. I wouldn’t do it just to shake things up. I would certainly have to put a lot more thought into it than what I could give you today.” She went even further and listed her number one goal as president as to, “Repeal “Obamacare,”….the mother of all unfunded mandates. We didn’t want it to start with and we can’t afford it.”

If nothing else, Sarah Palin understands her audience. She made sure to toss them some red meat by claiming that America’s heritage is based on Judeo-Christian values, and that we need more religion in the public sector, “Faith must be welcomed in the public square and not shunned.” It wasn’t a coincidence that Palin ripped off Hillary Clinton’s in it to win it line from 2008. Mrs. Palin is still harboring the delusion that the same voters who supported Sec. of State Clinton will support her against Barack Obama in 2012.

The reality is that the vast majority of Hillary Clinton’s supporters would rather bathe in razor blades than vote for Sarah Palin, but reality and Sarah Palin and not close acquaintances. In fact some people would argue that they have never met. Palin’s general election path to the White House is the same one that George W. Bush used in 2004. She would require a coalition of Christian conservatives, white suburban women, and white men, but in an electorate that is certain to feature a heavy minority turnout; she likely still would not run close to Obama in 2012.

Palin believes that she is destined to be the first female president of the United States. This belief is one of the motivations that could spur her towards a 2012 run. She knows that Hillary Clinton could run in 2016, and she might be trying to beat Clinton to the punch. Everyone else in the world not named Sarah Palin understands that Sarah Palin isn’t Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin could never be Hillary Clinton. Palin could live for a thousand years and not accomplish as much as Sec. of State Clinton has.

The reason why Hillary Clinton gets respect and Sarah Palin never will is that Mrs. Clinton has worked hard and built a resume full of accomplishments. Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be not only qualified, but a true national leader. Hillary Clinton has everything Palin lacks including work ethic, courage, and trustworthiness.

Sarah Palin may think that she is destined to be first woman to occupy the Oval Office, but the voters can tell the difference between a contender and a pretender. It is one thing to fool those who want to be fooled at a fundraiser in Bucks County, but Palin won’t be able to fool America. Palin is arrogant and delusional enough to run in 2012, but if America wants to elect a woman who is truly deserving of the office, maybe they’ll get the chance to vote Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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