Palinectomy Not Going Well for GOP

Nov 06 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

Palinectomy not going well for GOP

The GOP’s birther front-runner Sarah Palin is proving quite the problem for the good old boys now that they’ve used her to push the country farther right, thereby handily establishing themselves as the center sane as they begin their domino denouncements of Ms Crazy.

See, the thing is, boys, it’s not going to work like that this time. You used Mama Crazy and now she’s going to ride you all the way to your primary nomination process.

It’s almost sad watching you good old boys gather what’s left of your “cojones” to take to TV to denounce the crazy one, your faces full of presumed superiority as you declare her unfit, a “nightmare” and worse. Sure, this may be giving you a shred of credibility to those with short memories, who do not recall that you cheerfully ran the same person as your VP candidate and played outraged whenever anyone suggested that she may not, in fact, be qualified since she didn’t understand that Africa was a continent and couldn’t name anything she reads.

My question is do you boys read?

It doesn’t seem that you do. How else to explain your inability to see that you are playing her game? You are playing the exact role she needs you to play. The more you criticize her, the more you call her a fool, the more her fans will love her.

I know you boys have never had to be smart, steeped in privilege as you are, but you might want to take a cue from someone who has had to be smart to get where he is. You know, That One. Yeah, That One.

He has a strategy for dealing with Palin that is devastatingly effective and never gives her the persecution she craves. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is. You boys should know this by now and anyway, if you don’t get your Party together and dump this albatross by 2012, I’m not going to help you cope with your frankenmonster. In fact, I can’t wait to write blistering articles about how you all are sexist pigs for coming after her.

See, some of us were paying attention in 2008.

All of this posturing about how you have standards now is cute, but it’s obviously not true and furthermore, it won’t work. If you’re not careful, she’s going to form a third party as she has always secretly wanted to do (AIP thinks it’s best to infiltrate the GOP, but heck, the Tea Party is open and they seem to be utterly lacking in any sort of elitist qualification nonsense) and run against your chosen one. Now, she won’t like that, which will make Todd’s life even more miserable than it already is, but she’ll do it if she has to. God has, after all, chosen her.

Warning shots across the bow are not going to work.

You know what you have to do.

When you all are done pretending that you’ve matured, done repositioning yourselves as sane and moderate, and done denouncing the very person you sold America on when it served your purposes, you know you need to get out the dirt. You did it to John McCain, and he’s still sucking the mud off of your toes, so you know you can. You know you will.

It’s unclear what’s more reprehensible here, your use and abuse of Sarah Palin or your cynical exploitation of America. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Sarah fan. But unlike you all, I do have a heart. And you know she’s too ignorant and too narcissistic to see what’s coming. Your lack of compassion for her mental illness is disheartening.
But not as dismaying as your lack of care for this country.

You will never live down your attempt for two years to shove Sarah Palin down the throats of innocent Americans, using her to sell your extremist obstructionism and then tossing her aside when she outlasted her usefulness. It’s a disgusting game you play.

If she beats you, it will be a tragic moment for America but part of me will smile. After all, you deserve it.

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