Steering America towards Theocracy One Fetus at a Time

Oct 27 2010 Published by under Featured News

There is an attack on liberty in America from the corporate world, but there is a not-so-covert attack on women that is quietly steering America toward a theocracy. For example, a State Constitutional amendment on the Colorado ballot intends on extending personhood to a fetus and a fertilized ovary.

The intention is to overturn Roe v Wade, but along the way, women are going to bear the brunt of the attack as is normal for Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists. By giving personhood to a fetus, any action that harms the fetus, or the ovary, will result in a murder charge.

The Colorado amendment is sponsored by an extremist Christian group, American Life League, and it is not the first attempt at forcing biblical mythology on the government. Colorado Amendment 62 will make any birth control illegal, and any medical procedure that may cause harm to the fetus or fertilized egg is considered murder; including miscarriage.

The Colorado Personhood Amendment follows similar laws already on the books  in Montana and North Dakota, and the American Life League has plans for similar amendments in 17 other states. There is minimal outrage over these amendments, and Christians are mobilizing in churches and statehouses to see this archaic law imposed on the entire country.

Christian Reconstructionists went back to Moses to find a scriptural reference (Ex. 21:22, 23) to support this evil attack on women. In the 4,000 plus year-old Mosaic Law, any harm to a pregnant woman is considered a capital crime. But, like the mythological laws of Moses, the woman’s life is disregarded for the life of the unborn; or the ovary.

If a married woman has recently been sexually active and has an x-ray, she could be charged with murder for harming the fertilized egg. In the case of violent rape or incest, the egg must be protected regardless the harm to the mother.   Most semi-intelligent Americans know that a fertilized egg must attach to the uterus in order to grow and eventually become a fetus, but Christians following archaic Jewish mythology aren’t known for their intelligence.

The disturbing aspect is that only women will suffer from these states’ constitutional amendments. There is no provision for a man’s responsibility, and without any kind of birth-control, women will be left holding the bag; conservative Christians offer no assistance for raising unplanned children.

If these amendments pass and become law in the 17 states as planned, someone will challenge the constitutionality all the way to the Supreme Court, and with Christian Conservatives in charge of the court, it is easy to discern the outcome. Conservatives have little or no regard for women, and a brief perusal of Republican’s voting records show they are against gender equality for health care, wages, and reproductive rights.

America cannot stand by and let women suffer at the hands of male-dominated Christians. Laws like Amendment 62 in Colorado must be stopped on religious grounds for sure, but also on personal freedom issues. Is the law’s intent to stop sexual activity except for procreation? American Life League thinks so or they wouldn’t force every woman to get pregnant.

Amendment 62 will prohibit birth control, and the sponsors make no apologies for resurrecting a Stone Age Jewish myth that disregards the rights of women. There is nothing in the law that penalizes the sperm donor, rapist, or incestuous relative because the sponsors follow bible rules that state women must subject themselves to men.

Republican legislators ignore the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom for everyone and follow the Bible’s command to dominate women and deprive them of their equal rights. Americans must protect a woman’s rights, and no-one should be subjected to archaic Jewish Stone Age mythology.

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