Republican Family Values Calvin Hill Gets Your Commie Gay On

Oct 18 2010 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

Calvin Hill and His Family Values

What’s a family values anti-gay, anti-sex, anti-commie conservative to do when he needs to make a buck? I mean, no one cares if Georgian State Representative (R-Canton) Calvin Hill earns his living selling dildos and gay pride buttons made in China, where he proudly announces “We have 3 sourcing offices in China to help source any product your customer requires.” Oh, any product, Mr Hill? Really? ANY product? Say it ain’t so!

On Calvin’s company website he sells an entire line of “Red China Star” products emblazoned with the symbol of Communist China! Yes! Pop one of Calvin’s handy anti-bacterial wipes and get your Commie on after you have a little gay sex because nothing says pro-America like selling Commie propaganda.

Calvin Hill's Commie Propaganda

In case you are feeling queasy, Calvin offers you rubber breasts to squeeze….and to finish your night off right, we have the gay pride flag. God, I love this guy.

Here’s a video of Calvin accepting an award for takin’ a stand against subjects of an immoral and sexually explicit nature:

In case you’re not feeling the hypocrisy yet, here’s a little reminder from whence Calvin comes:

Thank goodness Calvin was working with the Christian Coalition to keep Georgia clean! Also, it was great to have a reminder that it was Clinton who ruined morality regarding sex, and not Newt, Vitter, Sanford, Ensign or even Paladino because when I see a woman being defiled by a horse, I think family values just like the rest of you.

You know, this is all OK when you consider how Mr Hill is just earning a dollar here. It’s not like he’s aiding and abetting immorality of minors or pallin’ around with Commies. This how a fiscally conservative Republican feels about money — anything and everything is justified if it earns you a buck. Cha-ching!

In case these items have been removed from Mr Family Values website, screengrabs are available here: The Real Calvin Hill.

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