Sharron Angle Blames Canada Not Mexico for Illegal Immigration

Oct 17 2010 Published by under Featured News

In an attempt to defend her campaign commercial demonizing illegal immigrants, Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle recently told a group of Hispanic High School students that the people in commercials were not Hispanics, but Canadians, “What we know is that our northern border is where the terrorists came through. That’s the most porous border that we have.”

According to Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun, when asked by a group of Hispanic school children at Rancho High School, Why is it that in all of your commercials you have the image of Latinos? What do you see when you hear, and I quote, “illegal aliens?”

Angle replied with a doozy of an answer even for her, “I think that you’re misinterpreting those commercials. I’m not sure that those are Latinos in that commercial. What it is, is a fence and there are people coming across that fence. What we know is that our northern border is where the terrorists came through. That’s the most porous border that we have. We cannot allow terrorists; we cannot allow anyone to come across our border if we don’t know why they’re coming. So we have to secure all of our borders and that’s what that was about, is border security. Not just our southern border, but our coastal border and our northern border.”

According to Sharron Angle the Mexicans that were used in her television ad were not Mexicans at all. Those Hispanic viewers were obviously misinterpreting a commercial about illegal immigration with a picture of Hispanics demonizing “illegal aliens.” What Angle was really talking about, according to Angle was the porous northern border with Canada, where terrorists could get into the US. Come on, everybody knows that one of the burning political issues in this country is the dangerous border with Canada.

This was a sad attempt by a political amateur to cover her blatant fear mongering about Hispanics with an absolutely ridiculous excuse about the issue of our Northern border. I understand that we have a northern border and a southern border, but what in the hell is the coastal border? We have nothing bordering the United States on either the East or West coast. Are the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans now a terrorist threat to our national security too?

If Harry Reid loses to this lunatic on November 2, he should go into hiding and never be seen again. If the people of Nevada elect Sharron Angle, no matter how much they may hate the wet dishcloth known as Harry Reid, they should be prepared to for having a sent someone to Washington, D.C. who is going to be the butt of national jokes for years to come. If Sharron Angle can’t handle questions from high school students, how is she going to grasp the complexities of the United States Senate?

If Sharron Angle gets elected, we can be sure that she will be vigilant in dealing with the pressing national problem of what to do with the Canadian border. All of those actors, musicians, and hockey players are a threat to our national security. Mrs. Angle is going to keep America safe by making sure that al-Qaeda is never able to infiltrate the Montreal Canadians. Look Nevada, I know that you can’t stand Harry Reid. I don’t like him either, but do you really want to send Sharron Angle to the Senate? Really?

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