Rush Limbaugh’s Geographically Retarded Attack on George Clooney

Oct 13 2010 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh today attacked George Clooney for giving up on Darfur, and instead focusing on Sudan. The problem with this is that Darfur is in fact a region of Sudan, and when his mistake was pointed out to him Limbaugh said, “I knew that when I said it but I decided to stick with it,” and somewhere Dora The Explorer cried.

Here is Limbaugh’s gaffe via Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “We supposedly have gazillions of people out of work and this president focused like a laser on it right? Meanwhile, he’s got time to meet with George Clooney, who apparently has given up on Darfur, and is now all concerned about Sudan. That’s right a meeting with Obama in the Oval Office about the horrible situation in Sudan, so Obama’s got time to do that. He’s played his 52 round of golf this past weekend since being inoculated. He’s playing more golf than I do, and he’s leading the charge on this foreign money business.”

When it was pointed out to him that Darfur is in fact a region in Sudan, Rush went with a version of the old I meant to do that defense, and in typical conservative style he took pride in his own and the stupidity of his listeners.

Limbaugh said, “By the way, I got a note from a staffer, you better be ready, Rush, you are going to get about 500,000 emails from people telling you you are an idiot when you said that George Clooney is shifting his attention from Darfur to Sudan, because Darfur is a region of Sudan, and I said, eh you know what? I knew that when I said it, but I decided to stick with it, so I checked the email, about 10 minutes ago I made that statement, not one email from anybody in any account telling me that I goofed up or I’m an idiot for not knowing that Darfur is a region of Sudan. I wonder why that is?”

There are a couple of possible reasons for why that is, Rush. It is possible that your listeners are just as stupid as you are, and just like their hero, they had no idea that Darfur was a part of Sudan. The other possibility is that none of his listeners are paying attention. Perhaps his radio show is nothing but elevator music for the conservative mind. Maybe Limbaugh has even bored his own audience with his repetition of the same old attacks on Obama. After a while, I’ll bet that it all starts sounding alike.

Limbaugh contradicts himself in the same segment. First, he said that he knew that he said the wrong thing, but he went with it anyway. Later, he claims that like him his audience had no clue where Darfur is located. This incident is the perfect illustration of why when Right Wingers try to communicate in society, they sound mentally retarded. They are getting their information from sources that don’t care about facts.

Limbaugh attack on Clooney made him sound like an idiot, but just like any good winger, he refused to admit his mistake, and took pride in his own ignorance, but it is this very ignorance caused by the replacement of facts with ideology that makes conservatives such terrible leaders. Limbaugh, Beck, and Fox are the Johnny Appleseeds of Right Wing ignorance, and they are the reason why trying to argue facts with a winger is a pointless waste of time.

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