The Newer Nastier and Completely Unelectable Sarah Palin

Oct 12 2010 Published by under Featured News

While sitting down for a webcast with Michael Reagan for Newsmax, Sarah Palin not only revived charges of death panels, and Obama socialism, but the charm and winks had vanished and were replaced by scowl and nastiness. The real Sarah Palin has been let loose, and she is completely unelectable.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Oddly Reagan and Palin were still trying to demonize the successful saving of the auto industry. When asked by Reagan if she still believed that Obama is socialist, Palin answered, “I believe that his policies certainly lean towards that belief that bigger government, that socialized government, that takeover of so many aspects of our economy are the right answer. Of course we know it’s the wrong answer, all you have to do is look at socialist countries, and realize no they’re failing. It doesn’t work. ”

Palin then went on to basically claim that Obama is anti-free market, socialist puppet, “It’s the free-market system that built America, that allowed us to be so prosperous and safe and generous, that will work. But he won’t apply those principles because I think he’s quite naïve. I think he’s stubborn. I think whomever it is who’s pulling his strings will not let — because the ideology involved in all of this will get in the way — they will not let him admit what we know from history, that those free-market principles will certainly work better than socialism.”

This is the same Sarah Palin who was so stubborn during the McCain campaign, the same Palin whose whole career has been guided by her puppet master husband, and the same Palin who naively thought that no one would catch to her real motives when she quit her job as governor of Alaska. The real kicker is that Palin did a webcast on Newsmax. The very same Newsmax that bought thousands of her books and gave them away to subscribers, um Sarah your strings are showing. Palin tries to have it both ways. She criticizes Obama for not getting the economy going, but she also labels the auto bailout socialism.

According to GM this “socialism,” which saved thousands of jobs will be coming to an end later this year as GM will be offering an IPO which should allow the taxpayers to rid themselves of their 61% stake in the company, according to a CNN report, the shareholders, that’s you taxpayer, could not only get their money back, but also make a profit.

Think about this for a second. According to Sarah Palin, Obama is a naïve, but stubborn, puppet. How does one become a stubborn puppet? That doesn’t even make sense. A puppet is supposed to carry out the wishes of the puppet master, but a stubborn puppet would theoretically be an insubordinate puppet, which wouldn’t really be much of a puppet at all. It seems that Palin was doing more than a little projecting when she called Obama a puppet, you minus the whole independent thought element.

Palin whose media fear has become so extreme she is now reduced to doing RWNJ webcasts, was preaching to the terrified choir. What stands out most about Palin’s recent comments and media appearances is that the winking charm and charisma is gone. Her wink and you betcha have been replaced with a scowl and venom. Palin can barely contain her bitterness. Her strategy is to inflame and capitalize on voter anger, but voters don’t like mean and angry candidates. Palin has become a spewing ball of hate, and spewing balls of hate never get elected president.

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