Tea Party Candidate Joe Miller Has 24 Hours To Fess Up

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Why is Joe MIller skulking around his personnel files?

Tea Party Candidate Joe Miller Has 24 Hours To Fess Up

The clock is ticking. Joe Miller has until tomorrow to respond to the Fairbanks Borough lawyer’s request that he release his personnel records for the purpose of correcting the misrepresentations Joe’s been making regarding why he won’t release the documents. Uh-oh. Looks like what we have here is another Palin pick gone bad.

The Alaska Dispatch reports:

“His campaign manager, Paul Bauer, also told reporters: “Joe Miller is happy to sign a release as long as the borough will waive attorney-client privilege so that he can fully describe why he voluntarily left employment. Joe Miller and the campaign will not allow the borough to hide behind the attorney-client privilege when he needs to describe the reason why he voluntarily left.”

But the borough says it has always been Miller who won’t agree to the release.”

So the Borough called Miller’s bluff and gave him until tomorrow to sign a release for his personnel files.

Joe Miller’s been pulling a Palin by blaming both the “leftist administration” and the Republican candidate Lisa Murkowski for “dirty politics” while he ducks the real issue regarding his own dishonesty. Sadly for Joe, it seems Alaskans wised up after Palin and when they hear a candidate blaming the “leftist administration” for their own troubles, it probably brings back the Post-Palin Traumatic Stress Syndrome Disorder they’ve barely recovered from.

What are these dirty politics of which Miller speaks? Why, evil political operatives (aka: voters) wanted to know why Joe Miller left his job as part time attorney for the Borough. Joe kept saying he’d love to tell them, but the mean old Borough wouldn’t let him.

Guess what? That wasn’t true. Oh, say it ain’t so, Joe.

I know, you’re shocked. You’re probably still waiting for Nikki Haley to come clean about her previous employment that she also left under mysterious circumstances. Or maybe you’re waiting for Christine O’Donnell to explain why she thought it was OK to pay her personal expenses from her campaign money. Instead, you get finely honed paranoid references to “political operatives” and “I am not a crook” toned denials. Nixon would be so proud.

Sarah’s hometown boy (who’s not really from Alaska, but that’s another story) has been ducking and dodging this question almost as long as he’s been ducking and dodging requests for his financial disclosures but not as long as he’s been ducking and dodging requests for his military records. Gosh, it just gives me the warm fuzzies when I think of such an open and transparent candidate.

Why, it takes me back to November 2008, the night before the election when Sarah Palin finally disclosed an odd faxed medical letter meant to suffice for her medical records. A government of the people by the people and for the people, just like the Tea Party said they wanted. Changin’ the way they do stuff in DC, alright!

You know, if you hadn’t asked any questions, they wouldn’t have been forced to lie to you. So in a way, this is your fault. Evil voter.

The Alaska Dispatch continues:

“In a letter sent Thursday to Miller’s attorney, Ward Merdes, borough attorney Jill Dolan also asks that Miller “retract and correct repeated misrepresentations he has made regarding his records,” including postings on his campaign website that suggest it’s the borough, not Miller, that is blocking release of the records.
Dolan sent the letter on behalf of the borough after being contacted by an attorney for Alaska Dispatch with a request that the borough disclose additional documents related to Miller’s departure from his job as a part-time borough attorney.
Miller’s employment with the borough has been under scrutiny since earlier this summer when questions surfaced about whether he resigned voluntarily or was forced out.”

Palin must be proud of Joe for taking this so far as to blame the Borough and accuse them of hiding behind attorney-client privilege. Good goin’, Joe. The best defense is a good offense!

This is Palin circa 2009, right before she quit. There’s a forest fire of unanswered questions and cover-ups, but the original crime doesn’t seem that bad. The documents already released show he was not fired. He left due to a “difference of opinion” regarding a vacation he wanted to take to go elk hunting.

Why all the skulking around, Joe?

We should all just trust Joe that while he may not be transparent and accountable now, surely after he gets elected to the senate and has all that power, he will be. Cough. Desperate Alaskans may want to check out Scott McAdams (D-AK). He actually cares about jobs and he isn’t covered in oil slime like Murkowski or running under a blanket of fog like Miller.

When Sarah Palin endorses a candidate, the first thing we should do is ask for all their financial and background records; there are sure to be plenty o’secrets afloat. After all, Sarah Palin just sorta goes with lies, secrecy, cover-ups and rampant paranoia. There’s no clownin’ about in the thug department for Mama Grizzly.

My advice to Joe is to start up a trust fund to defend himself against the “leftist administration” . Seriously, Joe, it’s all the rage these days. You will get big dollars from those people who don’t know anything about the real you in the lower 48. And remember, Joe, it’s not the crime that kills you, it’s the cover-up. Something to contemplate as you take your stellar ethics to DC, where temptation to fudge even more than you are already will become as enticing to you as it was to your mentor.

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