Republican Nathan Deal’s Financial Scandal Deepens

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Nathan Deal, the Devil in Georgia

Republican Nathan Deal’s Financial Scandal Deepens

The little shifty devil running for Governor in Georgia, Nathan Deal, has one more scandal to add to his seemingly endless financial scandal rap sheet. Nathan is running as a fiscal conservative. Naturally, this means he is good at grifting money from you and me and the government and manipulating the system to take advantage of loopholes and get no bid contracts for companies in which he has a financial interest. Please, you’re supposed to focus on his churchiness, people. And how handsome of a grandpa he is. The picture of gentility!

The AP is reporting:

“A federal judge has revoked the discharge of a 2009 bankruptcy of more than $3 million in debts by the daughter and son-in-law of Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Brizendine made the decision Friday after re-examining the case when it was revealed that Clint Wilder had a previous bankruptcy in 2001. Bankruptcy laws bar anyone from filing for protection more than once within eight years. Deal’s daughter and son-in-law, Carrie and Clint Wilder, filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after their Habersham County store failed. It left Deal and his wife, Sandra, on the hook for a $2.3 million loan they guaranteed for the venture. ”

Conveniently, Deal was left off of the original bankruptcy filling, an omission noted by the lawyers for the state.

Remember Deal was already found guilty by The Office of Congressional Ethics of violating house rules for using his office to push policy that would benefit his family’s auto salvage company and earning too much outside income. He departed Congress in an act of “early retirement” before the ruling could impact him. Now, months later, he’s running for Governor of Georgia, long out of the reach of the disciplinary jurisdiction of the ethics committee. Convenient, eh?

Naturally, Deal is polling ahead of Barnes because nothing says fiscal recovery like a repeat offender grifter. The good news is that Deal’s Democratic opponent, Roy Barnes (D-GA) has raised a tad more money than Deal and the majority of his money came from small in-state donations, indicating possible unexpected support for the Democrat in red state Georgia.

The ChronicleAugusta reported:

“Barnes’ campaign said 90 percent of the contributors were from Georgia, none came from registered lobbyists and 54 percent were for $250 or less.”

I’m just waiting for the “I am you” ad, or perhaps Deal is going to go the Sanford route and claim that Jesus wanted him to have privileges that you and I don’t have because, you know, he’s entitled.

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