Sharron Angle Thinks the Constitution is Not About Government

Living proof that the government SHOULD have a say in education

The Mesquite Local News reported on a very interesting Angle gathering in their town on October 1. What it shows is that if you thought the woman had already gone off the deep end that it’s proving to be a long drop, because she keeps going down but never seems to hit bottom.

She met 400 or so of her faithful followers and there treated them to a hefty dose of her delusionary rhetoric, which by all appearances they lapped up eagerly. Reid had held his Mesquite rally privately; she may wish she had done the same, but then she doesn’t show a great deal of awareness of what comes out of her mouth.

Besides, she can always claim later she never said it.

The rally’s sponsors were – hold your breath – the Tea Party and the Mesquite Republican Women’s Club and an ironically named group called the “Friends of the Founding Fathers.”

As the Mesquite Local News puts it, “Mesquite got a taste of the surreal.”

I believe you will agree the term is apt but not for the reasons the Local News believes. You see, they believe the strangest thing to transpire is the presence of Mesquite mayor Susan Holecheck, who is “featured on Harry Reid’s website as a ‘Republican For Reid.'”

But what was truly surreal was Angle’s avowed beliefs on the purpose of the United States Constitution. Move over, Sarah Palin; a new Constitutional expert is in town.

Angle, described as a “diminutive but cheery grandmother” arrived late but “received a warm reception” we are told.

She complained that in attempting to home school her son she discovered that, “Government has gotten between us and our children.” (She told the crowd, “Certainly, someone in Washington, D.C. doesn’t know what is best for my child in Nevada”).

This led her to discover “how dysfunctional the state government could be.”

Then came the gem of the century:

“Government isn’t what our founding fathers put into the Constitution. This is different,” Angle said.

Yes, Sharron – can we call you “Grandma Sharron”? – well, Grandma Sharron, perhaps homeschooling wasn’t the right choice for you. Because yes, the Constitution is ALL about government. The Constitution established the United States government, replacing the clunky and unworkable “Articles of Confederation” that got us through the Revolution.

If you don’t think the Constitution is about government, then please enlighten us as to what you think its purpose was. It allows demonstrations of gratuitous, even jaw-droppingly tragic stupidity of the sort which you’ve shown yourself capable but contrary to Tea Party spin, it’s not about gun ownership and States Rights.

But Grandma Sharon wasn’t done. Already having been exposed as a insider wannabe in a recorded conversation with opponent Scott Ashjian, she had the audacity (or unawareness) to say that the Nevada legislature was all about “good old boys, let’s make a deal, business as usual.”

Wasn’t that just what she tried to do with Ashjian, promising to use her clout with Republicans in Washington on his behalf, to bribe/threaten him to drop out of the race?

You must remember that Grandma Sharron is already a bit of an insider herself, being a member of the state legislature since 2003, serving as minority whip. That’s seven years of experience in government for this “outsider.” And she’s already shown she can play “good old boys” with the “good old boys.”

Now she wants to trade up to a more lucrative job, that of U.S. Senator in place of Harry Reid. Despite the recent evidence of her own conspiratorial behavior with Scott Ashjian, she called Reid a “co-conspirator” with President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Together, the three seem to form the Tea Party “axis of evil” in Nevada.

“Harry Reid has promoted and pushed through and made the deals for policies that have crushed our economy,” Angle said. “We can’t afford Harry Reid.”

Gosh, Grandma Sharron, where were you for the eight years of the Bush administration while he was raping the Constitution and plundering our economy? It is Republicans we can’t afford. People like you.

So what’s her ingenious plan? Hold your breath: “Cut back, pay back, and take back.”

She says that the U.S. government is controlled by “unconstitutional czars” which I suppose is meant to justify her lingering threat of “Second Amendment remedies” if she and her Tea Party thugs don’t get their way. It all plays to the Republican “government in exile” meme in which the Obama administration is an usurper. He’s a Muslim anti-colonialist Kenyan, after all.

Like Bush and all Republicans since Eisenhower, Grandma Sharron is a plunderer:

  • She wants to take away Social Security (she’ll be covered either way as a former U.S. Senator if she gets elected so she won’t need it);
  • Since she doesn’t believe in education (including, apparently, her own) she wants to wipe out the Department of Education; and,
  • Because as a U.S. Senator she will have socialized medicine, she wants to take away our healthcare (nowhere near as comprehensive as her own) so recently granted by Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress.

Typical of Republicans, the little guy isn’t even meant to get the crumbs off the table.

But that’s not all. Her “I want to repeal Obamacare,” may have gotten her the most applause in poor Mesquite, but she also wants to wipe out regulation, which even the Founding Fathers recognized was necessary.

Pssst, Grandma Sharron: Regulation is in the Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3).

You almost have to admire her blatant hypocrisy if not her gratuitous ignorance.

Though there is no record of any current Tea Party candidate calling for transparency in government during the eight years of the Bush maladministration, Grandma Sharron called for “true transparency.” Opacity is okay for Republicans; after all, they won’t answer questions even when they allow them to be asked, and they won’t debate Democratic opponents or talk to unapproved media outlets.

And of course, good Tea Partier that she is, she threw a punch for the wealthy, arguing that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans be retained. Because they, after all, are not the ones who destroyed our economy but the poor bastards who were its victims.

And she wants those poor businesses to pay lower taxes. They’re victims too, after all.

Again, just to stress the point, Grandma Sharron had nothing for the poor huddled masses who got screwed by the wealthy and corporations in the crash of ’08.

At least she didn’t threaten to shoot us again. Now she’s merely talking about running over us with a train: “They can either get on board the train or get run over by it.”

Of course, if the train derails as it did in 2008, then we will likely hear more about those “Second Amendment remedies.”

Then she showed yet another piece of monstrous “good old boys” gaming by not answering the question “Would you let the government send jobs to other countries like that?” Even Grandma Sharron is likely aware that her “good old boys” in Congress recently derailed legislation that would have kept jobs in the United States, and returned others from overseas.

And of course, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to attack Islam, claiming that “It seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to take hold in any municipality or government situation in our United States” even though no such thing has happened.

But then we’d all be plenty surprised if facts suddenly began to matter to the Tea Party! That would be a truly surreal moment.

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