Poll: Obama Would Crush Hillary Clinton in a 2012 Rematch

Sep 30 2010 Published by under Featured News

Republicans and Fox News have been fantasizing about the prospects of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton challenging President Barack Obama for the 2012 Democratic presidential nomination, but a poll released by Gallup today should shatter that fantasy as an Obama versus Clinton rematch heavily favors Obama, 52%-37%.

The Right, fueled by recurring speculation on Fox News that Democrats are so dissatisfied with Obama they may draft Hillary Clinton to run against him in 2012, has been hoping out loud for another Democratic civil war like the primary in 2008, but the Gallup poll should put a damper on those dreams. The poll found that Hillary Clinton would face a decidedly uphill battle against Obama. The President would beat her, 52%-37%.

Obama would defeat Clinton virtually across the board with every demographic group. Obama leads Clinton among men, 56%-33%, college grads, 66%-25%, non-college grads, 46%-44%, liberals, 63%-30%, and moderates, 49%-39%, the most damaging fact for those who entertaining dreams of Hillary 2012 is that Obama lead Clinton among Democratic women by 23 points, 56%-33%. The only group of Democrats that Hillary Clinton lead Obama with were conservative Democrats. Among conservatives in the party, Clinton leads Obama, 48%-41%.

Hillary Clinton has enjoyed a great surge in popularity since she became Sec. of State. Earlier this year in a CNN poll, she was voted the most popular politician in the US, which started the right wing media rumor mill grinding that Hillary Clinton was going to run in 2012 and challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination. Their fantasy is that Hillary will run in and “save” the Democrats from Obama. Of course, what they don’t tell you is that if Democrats were to dump Obama, 2012 would become winnable for the GOP.

This rumor was based in right wing desperation to get rid of Obama. Since there is no potential candidate in their own party who stands much of a chance of defeating the President, the Right set out on a campaign to cause infighting within the Democratic Party, because a fractured Democratic Party is their only hope for 2012. The reality is that Democrats still stand behind Obama, and will be a unified force for 2012.

Those who are pushing the Hillary 2012 rumors really don’t understand Hillary Clinton. Sec. Clinton has proven herself to be loyal to the Democratic Party. There is no chance of her running against Obama in 2012. If she did, she would not only lose her position within the administration, but also end her political career.

The Sec. of State position has been great for Mrs. Clinton. If Republicans are so desperate to face her, I suspect that they will get their chance in 2016, when Mrs. Clinton will not only have a clear path to the Democratic nomination, but also the full blessing and support of Barack Obama. Be careful what you wish for Republicans, because your dream matchup with Hillary Clinton could easily turn into your worst nightmare.

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