An Epidemic of Stupidity is Sweeping America

Sep 24 2010 Published by under Featured News

Listening to rants from Conservatives, teabaggers, and Republicans is difficult and insults intelligent people in America. However, it is clear that a large group of Americans believe lies and stupid reasoning from the right, and it signals the decline of intelligence in this country.

It doesn’t matter which topic RWNJs throw out, every conservative policy is ridiculously stupid. The distressing part is it’s not just the whacked-out fringe who believe pundits like Beck, Limbaugh, and Fox News’ crew, but seemingly regular folks who are buying into the lying sophistry from extremists.

It is understandable that ignorant, uneducated people believe Fox News because they don’t have cognitive skills to ascertain the veracity of a story. But with polls showing half of America willing to vote for candidates who will rape the life out of all but the richest Americans, one must contemplate the level of stupidity in half of America.

Teabagger rallies are filled with older, white Americans who subsist on Social Security and use Medicare for health care. These saps protest government programs and will vote to see them eliminated regardless their only means of support will be eliminated .

These are the fools who protested banking regulations, and acted as if the government were taking something away from them. It is a matter of stupid people believing hard-to-believe lies from the right.

The big deal now is ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans; the right is portraying it as a tax increase on ALL Americans. True to form, there are stupid poor people who are rabid about the illegal Kenyan president raising their taxes. Most teabaggers are barely out of poverty, and do not pay taxes on Social Security income, but protest and claim they are taxed too much.

Pundits say all this stupidity is because of the economy, and that people are angry. But they were not angry when Bush’s policies ruined the economy while enriching the wealthy and corporations. It’s easy to write-off the stupidity of a small percentage of whacked-out nut-jobs, but the numbers exceed fringe groups.

The numbers reflect the level of stupidity in America, and signals the decline of our way of life. When people support the group that intends to rape them, the only conclusion is that America IS becoming more stupid by the day.

Climate change deniers, evolution deniers, birthers and the like are complicit in America’s degradation. Of course, in the future they will say they didn’t know, but it’s arrogance and laziness that is the cause of their stupidity. It’s laziness because they hear one source and accept it as fact, and arrogance because they depend on their stupid Stone Age Bible to dictate facts; regardless that it’s based on Jewish mythology.

It is sad for America that stupidity is the driving force for policy decisions, and extremely sad that people with intelligence must be dragged down the road to destruction. America’s greatness is waning because of corporate greed, but it is stupidity that enables the wealthy to exploit our country.

The days when Americans valued education and technological development are gone. In America today, the value system is based on stupidity and superstition, and the right’s goal of shutting down the education system except for religious schools will ensure America remains stupid.

Apparently, intelligence is bad and superstition is good…for everyone. The right has convinced stupid Americans that knowledge and education are elitist and dangerous, and God and prayer needs to return to schools (although neither was ever in schools).

We should ship idiots to a place where they could live like Stone Age man, but that would be inhumane. Until stupid, old, white Christians die off, America will continue its slide into second-class status. Hopefully, the other half of Americans can persevere until intelligence and education is valued again. It is sad we are in this situation, and seems nearly impossible that America will regain its place in the developed world.

Perhaps America will climb out of the grasp of stupidity and the Dark Ages, but it doesn’t look like we will ever be more than a third-rate society. But, for half of Americans, we have bombs, Bibles, bullets, and churches; and that’s good enough for them.

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