Beck Demonizes Real Mama Grizzly Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren Champion of Middle Class

Glenn Beck Attacks Real Mama Grizzly Elizabeth Warren

Beck is attacking Harvard graduate and former Vice President of the American Law Institute Elizabeth Warren, using his usual “lamestream media” accusations and lies. Before we get into debunking the clown, I just want to point out that it’s sexist to accuse Warren of anything. She, like Palin, deserves utter “deference” from Beck out of respect for the fact that she’s a woman and is hence not accountable to the press. And Beck, what do ya’ think the troops are over there fightin’ for? They’re fightin’ for the First Amendment so quit makin’ things up!

Beck is upset because the President named Warren as special adviser to the President to oversee the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren “is one of our country’s fiercest advocates” for the middle class, Obama said Friday when introducing her. Right there, you see what the problem is.

Listen here courtesy if Media Matters:

His complaints about her Warren (paraphrased for sanity):

“…the President did not go through Senate and only employee and by default she’s the head. She spoke with Soros and she’s a big “Soros” person. Socialist Bernie Sanders and Al Franken endorsed her and she spoke at Netroots Nation. She spoke at SCIU way back in May of this year. Everyone loves Warren, including people who want the internet regulated. They have said if she’s not given real power “there will be hell to be paid”. The left puts a lot of stock in ….she’s been the one overseeing TARP. You’ve seen her before. About ten Americans have seen her before if they’ve seen “Capitalism A Love Story” by Michael Moore.”

Then Beck runs a clip of Warren agreeing that capitalism isn’t working right now, saying the rules have not been written for the average American working family. And finishes off by saying he “can’t believe these leftists could speak openly about hating Capitalism.”

Yes, well, this guilt by association nonsense is utter crap and I’m not even going to waste time debunking it, but I will suggest that neither Soros nor Van Jones are a witch (nor do either of them have a witch doctor- perhaps if they did, Beck would be less afraid of him).

Beck’s largest complaint seems to be that she has an ideology and it is more liberal than conservative. Regarding this, he is correct. I fail to see the problem. America elected a liberal President by a landslide and hence, expects to see liberal appointments and ideology enacted. Perhaps Beck got spoiled by all of Obama’s centrism into believing that the Right was still the Chosen Ideology. In this case, Beck has mistaken civility and centrism for weakness. He is wrong.

Apparently nuance and context do not suit a clown, so Beck can’t grasp that indeed, there are many ways to implement capitalism. Beck is clearly in denial about the way we have been implementing it, as he thinks it’s wrong for Warren to want to change some of the rules. As in, Beck is making the argument that it is working the way it is. Yes, Beck, keep hitting your head against that brick wall you’ve pained with the flag over the crown of gold, aka, your straw man. We’ll all pretend you’re not crazy.

Beck’s reference to Warren’s overseeing of the TARP is glaringly deficient for his failure to remind his listeners just who championed the TARP program; that would be George W Bush, along with most sane economists who were terrified by the crushing failure of Bush’s economic policies which led to the October 2008 Market Crash and world economic instability.

Triage was needed and the TARP program was considered necessary. How exactly does Warren’s work as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel to oversee the banking bailout for the TARP program make her scary? Does Beck think it would have worked better if we had left the banks to oversee their bailout on their own? He actually says the “left puts a lot of stock into…she’s been overseeing TARP.” Um, no, Beck, the left didn’t instigate the TARP nor have they ever been pleased by bailing out Wall Street because Bush policies allowed them to become “too big to fail”.

Warren’s areas of research interest are listed as:

• Empirical and Policy Work in Bankruptcy and Commercial Law
• Financially Distressed Companies
• Women, the Elderly, and the Working Poor in Bankruptcy

So now we see the problem. Warren cares about women, the elderly and the working poor. In other words, what used to be our middle class. Warren is the real Mama Grizzly and we can’t have that. She’s smart, she’s got experience, and she actually cares about people, like a good Mama would.

See, a Beck Mama Grizzly uses her sex appeal to sell the rights of Kings to lord over the little people. We can’t have a down home Mama Grizzly like Warren standin’ up for the people. Oh, no. And then, Beck is also unhappy because Obama played smart and bypassed the Party of NO. By naming her an assistant in the White House, Obama avoided a potential showdown in the Senate — so close to 2010 elections coupled with the obstruction of the Republican Party, this position would never have been filled. So Obama ran an end game around them and they’re super mad.

If Obama had named her administrator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau included in the financial regulatory reform legislation signed into law in July instead of assistant to him, he would have had to get the Senate to confirm her. The notion that a Democrat (and a black one!) would have the temerity to pull even one of the Standard Operation Procedure Tricks of the Republican Party is not sitting well with Beck (who claims he is not a Republican- please, no tears).

This is called a clever move by the cool cat Obama to avoid the Party of No’s unrelenting obstruction of government. But if that isn’t good enough, how about it’s Obama looking out for the middle class and giving the left (please note that the middle class is deemed the “left” by Beck and vote accordingly because he is admitting here that the Right’s economic beliefs do not represent the middle class) their economic champion? Yeah, that works for me too. And what’s so wrong with that? What is wrong with the middle class having ONE champion in DC, when the entire place is overflowing with lobbyists for Wall Street?

After all boys, he was elected in a landslide, and has a mandate from the people to carry out our will. And we want Elizabeth Warren, Mama Grizzly of the Middle Class, as our standard bearer.

And here we come to the real issue: The Right knows that Obama’s appointment of Warren will motivate his base to vote this fall, because they are finally getting their Champion of the middle class. The average American will do better under Warren’s oversight than under any modern day conservative’s oversight. There’s no way to avoid this point, and that’s why it’s the one thing they don’t want Americans thinking about.

Here’s the Harvard Gazette quoting Warren regarding the middle class: “”The American middle class is in real trouble,” she says, her Southern-tinged sotto voce belying the power of her statement. “American families are smack up against the wall, financially speaking.” A middle-class lifestyle, she says, is increasingly out of reach for middle-class families, many of whom are going broke trying to attain it.” Does she sound ominous and evil or does she sound like someone who is not only qualified but empathetic to the majority of Americans?

Yes, Beck would rather you spent time thinking about George Soros and how Warren speaking at the same event as him makes her scary by association. That makes a lot more sense than voting for people who are looking out after your own financial interests and who are actually qualified to do so.

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