Haley Barbour Goes Birther Adjacent

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Haley Barbour has lost all dignity

Haley Barbour Goes Birther Adjacent

Gov. Haley Barbour (MS), Chairman of the Republican Governors Association- you know, the guy with the confederate flag signed by Jefferson Davis in his office who wants to run for President — was at a breakfast meeting with reporters this morning, where he advised Republicans to stay on message with economic issues (no, he wasn’t kidding! Don’t be cruel).

But then, that lame stream media stepped in with a question that veered off topic. The reporter asked why Barbour thought so many Americans (translate, Republicans who despite appearances are still claiming to be Americans) questioned Obama’s birthplace and his religion.

Barbour took refuge in the honorable “this is what I’m supposed to say but I don’t believe it and neither should you” stock GOP reply:

“This is a president that we know less about than any other president in history…But I have no idea why. I accept just totally at face value, you know, that he is a Christian. He’s said so throughout the time he has been in public life. That is good enough for me.” And all was well for the cofounder of one of the nation’s largest lobbying firms and possibly next Grand Old Party great white hope.

For a moment. But after breakfast, reporters were still chomping at the bit to nail Barbour’s beliefs about his President down. Sadly, Barbour managed to stumble past a fleeting nod to sanity and that’s when all hell broke loose.

The Hotline Reports:

“After the breakfast was over, reporters sought out Barbour to clarify and expand on his remarks. Asked what more he would like to know about Obama’s past and what the American should know, Barbour haltingly replied, “There’s not much known about his, in college, growing up. We don’t know any chopped down the cherry tree, we don’t know any of the childhood things we know about Ronald Reagan. I don’t say it as an insult, or as anything other than just an observation. Somebody says why would be people question things, we just don’t know.”

Barbour was reminded by another reporter that Obama has written a biography of his childhood and young adult years, Dreams From My Father and asked if he thought that account was inaccurate or incomplete. Barbour responded, “I have no idea.” He also said he had not read the book.”

Yes, the darn cherry tree also, too the things in the book no Republican will bother to read! Why doesn’t Obama implant a chip in their brains with his birth certificate? Hello! It’s almost as if Obama is trying to keep it all a secret, putting it down in words and books and such.

Having inadvertently outed himself as birther adjacent, Barbour was apparently befuddled by the dogged perseverance of the press and offered up suggestions to Obama such as “You know, you have situations where for most people their, heaven forbid, my college records are public, is in public, you know, for worse or worse. But that’s just different things where we know a whole lot more -” Oh, dear. This isn’t going well.

Yes, darn President Bush for his hidden college records! Er, I mean Obama. We get it, Haley. We so get it! If at first you don’t succeed, duck dodge and no matter what, do not read.

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