The Unfamily-Values Like Tirades of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh

Sep 07 2010 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

The Right Wing is having a super hard time with this whole losing thing and it’s whipping them into a fury of potty-mouth tirades. From Rush Limbaugh to Sarah Palin, they’re obsessed with name-calling and sexual put-downs. They needs some lovin’!

Today Rush Limbaugh, fresh from his week long golfing vacation, came out with a pouty pout rant wherein he called Obama “hen-pecked,” “imam-child,” “wrecking ball,” “agitator,” and a “blithering novice”. Then he claimed that he didn’t understand why President Obama would complain that his critics “talk about me like a dog,” because Rush treats his dogs like children.

Oh, dear. It seems Rush can’t follow though the most basic of analogies. Poor thing. But don’t let that get in the way of following the surely brilliant Rush, who was most likely simply suffering from a lack of attention while on his vacation. I mean, I hear he wasn’t arrested or anything. It’s like no one cares, and you know that hurts.

So while you listen to Rush demonstrate the breadth of his vocabulary, mind your compassion. You’ll likely be asking yourself exactly where Rush’s Christian values are and the only answer that makes sense is that the liberal media stole them and shipped them off to Kenya, where Rush will get the once over from Sarah Palin’s witch doctor, just in case.

Rush’s pouty rant courtesy of Media Matters:

And then there’s Sarah Palin whose latest approval ratings would make a sane person weep. Sarah unleashed her emasculating scatter shot rage at “reporters” and “yellow journalists” — not to be confused with yellow governors who quit on their state or with some in the media who pretend to be politicians but are afraid of the people and of reporters and their pesky questions.

Palin calls reporters “Impotent, Limp and Gutless” after Vanity Fair writer Michael Joseph Gross came in for the literary kill on the Arctic Queen.

One wonders if Michael did not receive the revised first amendment, courtesy of her majesty, wherein he, as the fourth estate, must show deference to her. Methinks Michael needs to check his Facebook Page for a note.

But at any rate, Palin kept the debate clean by taking aim at his manhood because nothing says Presidential like demonizing every member of the fourth estate who does not work for your own boss by talking about their limp impotent….um…things. It’s just so gosh darn Evangelical, because notice, peeps, she didn’t swear this time. Yes, “backasswords” and “asinine” have been left behind by Herself.

And anyway, just because everything Michael reported rang true with what Alaskans and for that matter Steve Schmidt have been saying about Sarah (she’s a crazy lazy nutter who uses sex to overcome her ignorance, she has a wicked temper and doesn’t treat her children or husband well), doesn’t mean he should have reported it! Grow some courage, Michael, and start lying. Geeze.

Here’s crazy mad Sarah showing us on Sean Hannity’s radio show how Michael is all wrong, she doesn’t have a temper and most certainly I can’t imagine this woman “throwing canned goods at her husband”, shrieking “fu@k you” and “you’re f@cking lucky to have me!”:

Sure, she came off looking like a raging, miserable shrew who “puts on her push up bra when she wants something from the City Council” (you sexist, Michael! Shame on you for reporting Sarah’s use of her God-Mantled assets!) in the Vanity Fair piece, and that can’t be good for 2012. But really, “impotent, limp and gutless”? This from a Presidential candidate? Heavens, GOP! Those are some righteous family values y’all got!

I just don’t want y’all getting the wrong idea. These here are legitimate criticisms coming from the right place. The President should not be upset that the Republicans treat him like a dog because after all, we all want to be Rush Limbaugh’s dogs. And those gutless wonders in the lamestream media wouldn’t be singing soprano now if they had lied about Sarah Palin.

The message of these illustrious leaders are just getting all messed up in the delivery, but I ask you, whose fault is that?

George Soros, surely.

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