Keith Olbermann Reminds Us All Why We Don’t Miss George W. Bush

Sep 02 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his MSNBC program Countdown, Keith Olbermann spent some time reminding America that despite the best efforts of all the former Bush staffers in the media, of why we should not miss George W. Bush, “The true shadow cast by his presidency is who and what we miss because of Bush. What and who we could have been.”

Here is the video:

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Talking about a column written by former Bush advisor Mark McKinnion after Obama’s Iraq speech Olbermann said, “Mr. Mckinnon is the latest to embrace the question of those billboards of president bush asking, you miss me yet. Lord no, hell no, a thousand times no.”

Olbermann later detailed why America should not and does not miss Bush, “He lied that he would fire whoever was leak Valerie Plame’s identity. He lied about faith-based funding. Lied to conceal the office’s political schemes. If Bush’s convictions were firm, what to make of the 2004 campaign, as former Bush aide Ken Mehlman confirmed, the White House the Bush White House launched a secret strategy to put anti-gay initiatives on the ballot as bait to bring Evangelical voters to the polls. This three years after a gay man joined other passengers of United flight 93 to give their lives to save the
Bush White House.”

Olbermann pointed out that Bush carried out Osama Bin Laden’s bidding, “Changing the country was exactly what Bin Laden wanted. Bin Laden hated us for our freedoms, Mr. Bush told us. Mr. Bush set about removing our freedoms, spying on suspects without the warrants demand by faith in freedom and democracy, imprisoning suspects without the guarantee of faith and democracy. Torturing suspects using techniques learned from the enemy.”

He discussed how Bush endorsed a safe haven for al-Qaeda in Pakistan, “His resolve led him to endorse Pakistan’s truce with an al Qaeda safe haven. The very thing he was asking American soldiers to die to prevent. This after ABC news reported Pakistan allowed Bin Laden to remain free.” For good measure the Countdown host threw in how Bush stopped caring about Bin Laden.

Olbermann concluded, “The shadow cast by Mr. Bush’s long indeed. Until republicans like McKinnon start putting Mr. Bush not on billboards but in campaign ads, we must conclude however much Americans miss Mr. Bush, the true shadow cast by his presidency is who and what we miss because of Bush. What and who we could have been.” Olbermann’s concluding point was a great one. If Republicans truly believe that America is missing Bush, then why aren’t they campaigning on returning America to the good old days of the Bush years?

The answer is that they know that America does not miss Bush. In fact, Republicans spend most of their time trying to get America to forget about Bush. If you ever want to see any Republican candidate turn totally white, in a very loud voice, compare them to George W. Bush. Bush is still toxic to the Republican brand. This is not a movement to return Bush, but an organized media campaign by former Bush staffers to rehabilitate themselves and Bush. I think Keith Olbermann’s piece should serve as a wake up call to all the people who are complaining about Obama. After watching this history of Bush ineptitude, people need to realize it could always be worse. Compared to George W. Bush, Barack Obama is FDR, Ronald Reagan, and Abe Lincoln all rolled into one.

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