Christian Conservatives As Avatars Of Hate

Sep 02 2010 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

During the fear mongering and hate being spread by conservatives and Republicans, there is an incredible silence from the Christian community. Christians are supposed to express love for all human beings, but Christian conservatives are evil incarnate, and they are hypocrites because they claim to follow Christ, but belie everything he preached and taught.

There may be some Christians who truly follow Christ’s teachings, but they are too afraid of the Satan-controlled churches they attend to speak up. Christians claim they love the Constitution, and that God blesses America, but they only love the 2nd Amendment that guarantees they can keep guns to kill people.

True Christians are not supposed to take up arms for any reason, and Jesus admonished: “If one lives by the sword (gun), they will die by the sword.” He also said to love your enemies. However, Christian Conservatives are cowards and don’t really trust in God; or they wouldn’t need a gun and wouldn’t be afraid of another religion.

It’s a fact that America’s fake Christians only care about money, war, and race. Just one look at teabagger and conservative activist groups is sufficient to see the lack of concern for fellow Americans, hate for non-white races, and the need to be armed. Christians in America are self-absorbed, self-promoting, and hate-filled people intent on destroying freedoms in the name of God.

The protests against health care reform showed the level of greed and hate that is prevalent in the Christian Conservative community. The same Christians have contempt for immigrants regardless that Jesus told parables about helping foreigners, enemies, and other religions. In spite of Jesus’ peaceful teachings, Christians belong to militias that want to hunt down and kill immigrants, or deprive non-white people of basic needs.

Christian Conservatives are at the forefront of the movement to remove the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment because of hatred and greed. If Jesus meant for his followers to hate everyone who was not white, he certainly would have said, “hate your non-white neighbor,” but he did not.

It is the height of hypocrisy for Christians to grasp their Bibles and express the level of hatred we see in America today. But that is what Christian Conservatives do best; they project hate. They judge people based on race, sexual preference, and religious compliance. If Jesus were to show up in America today, his followers would kill him immediately for being too liberal and peace loving.

If Christians could avoid arrest and prosecution, they would hunt down and kill every liberal, immigrant, and non-white person in America because it is what evil, violent, and extremely hateful people do, and American Christians are avatars of hate. Satan is their model and exemplar; not Jesus.

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