Omnious Sign for 2012 as Palin to Speak at Iowa Reagan Dinner

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The GOP's Great White Hope Reads her 3 Ideas for America from her hand

I am really sorry to be the one to tell you this.

Are you sitting down? OK. Well, do you remember that crazy woman who spent all of that money that wasn’t hers on clothes during the 2008 campaign and didn’t know what job she was running for and couldn’t answer any questions so she shut down the press until they would show “deference” to her? Yeah, Sarah Palin. That’s the one.

Well, my friends……….

It’s looking like she’s going to run for President of our great country.

I know, I know. If I just ignored her she would have gone away. She’s silly. Not a threat. Yada yada. But still.

I’m just sayin’. She’s headlining the Iowa GOP’s Ronald Reagan Dinner. This is what GOP candidates do. They go to the presidential nominating state of Iowa and play kissy face and they do it even more at Ronald Reagan dinners.

According to the Press Release:

“Governor Sarah Palin will be the Party’s special guest at the upcoming Reagan Dinner: A Salute to Freedom…The Iowa GOP is pleased that Gov. Palin is traveling to Iowa to join the battle to return principled, conservative leadership to Iowa,” said Chairman Strawn. “Our economic and personal freedoms are under attack in Washington, DC and Des Moines. I know Iowa Republicans will be energized and motivated by Gov. Palin to stand up and fight for these principles all the way to Election Day and beyond.”

And see, this time Palin has finally realized that she shouldn’t charge Iowan Republicans to speak there. She thought she could charge them and still win political favor, but every rising star has their comeuppance and Palin had hers last year in Iowa. They do not pay for you, Ms Palin. You need them. Welcome to the big game.

The fact that Palin loosened her tight fist around any potential wad of cash should be alarming. That, in and of itself, is a tell. What happened?

Well, earlier this month, The Iowa Republican polled 399 Republicans and reported:

“The poll shows that the 2012 contest is going to begin right where the 2008 Iowa Caucuses left off, with Mike Huckabee leading Mitt Romney. Huckabee comes out on top of the poll garnering 22 percent, Romney finishes second with 18 percent, and Newt Gingrich finishes surprisingly well with 14 percent in third place. Sarah Palin finishes a disappointing fourth with 11 percent. Texas Congressman Ron Paul garnered 5 percent, while Pawlenty, and South Dakota Senator John Thune each received 1 percent.”

Yes, see? Not so good for Sarah. But that may be because she has all but ignored the state whilst traipsing around on her various media tours. She did stop there for a book signing last year, but really. This is Iowa. Some effort please.

Most Americans don’t trust Palin, according to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll (certainly not the most scientific poll but it is the most recent and concurs with the general findings that Americans do not trust the Mama Grizzly) released Sunday. In fact, only 29% think she could handle being President. Yes, that is the far right Republican Party. The Bush voters.

Did that just send a chill up your spine?

This dinner is a usual stop for hopeful Presidential candidates, but here’s a ray of sunshine for you. In 2007, three Republican presidential candidates — Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain — failed to show at the seventh annual Reagan Dinner. And maybe not coincidentally, Obama took the state in 2008.

And of course, Ms Palin is playing coy, telling her employer and coincidentally the only media source she trusts enough to be “interviewed” by, that she’s not focused on her own political future, but rather is focused on helping elect conservative Republicans during this fall’s midterm elections. Yes. This is sort of like the soft “no” but request to go to Tiffany’s for window shopping.

This is not original, but I’m sure Republican men find it adorable. Which is, as you know, the number one quality in a patriarchal lap dog. Or pit bull. And certainly a Republican woman who might run for President. In that vein, Ed Failor Jr., head of Iowans for Tax Relief, said of Palin: ” She’s sort of the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party.” Yes, indeed. Yes. Indeed. Without the brains. Integrity. Privacy. Or protected daughter.

I leave you with this to digest on the eve of the President’s much more important address to the nation. Let us stay focused on sanity for just a bit longer, shall we? But just think, if she really does this, the Democrats will be rolling in money. Heavens. No one raises more money for Democrats than Sarah Palin.

So, don’t worry. Be happy. While this would be an epic embarrassment and the most ridiculous campaign season ever, Democratic strategists must be panting. I can only imagine how these debates will go. Of course, Palin probably won’t honor that tradition and instead will issue ghost written screeds from her FaceBook Page about Obama’s birth certificate. A bored nation rejoices.

It took the Republicans to bring a reality TV celebrity famous for quitting her job and not knowing anything except how to get more free swag to the Presidential race. Of course.

You thought Bush was bad. Buckle Up. And why don’t you pay a visit to that witch doctor just in case?

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