Sarah Palin and Her Minions Go to War against Medicare

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Palin PIcked Nut Job

Palin Picked Nut Job Calls Medicare Unconstitutional

Oh, boy. The latest news in Miller v Murkowski is that Joe Miller has pronounced Medicare unconstitutional. He also thinks unemployment benefits are unconstitutional. And also…..Social Security.

Has he actually read the Constitution? Maybe he has had the Special Readings by Sarah Palin over a midnight salmon freshly caught by Todd, the original papers of our founders dimly lit by the hand powered electricity Sarah generates by weaving self-aggrandizing tales of glory — a flag gently waving in the background from the soft, perfect breeze of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. We don’t know.

But we do know that Joe Miller is nuts.

Raw Story has video of Miller on Face the Nation:

“I would suggest to you that if one thinks that the Constitution is extreme then you would also think that the founders are extreme. We just simply want to get back to basics. Restore essentially the constitutional foundation of our country. This means the federal government becoming less onerous, less involved in basically every item of our lives. And what that means is there does have to be some transition.”

Oh dear. Definitely the Special Readings theory.

We also wonder if Joe claiming that Medicare is unconstitutional is really the root of Sarah’s love for him. After all, Palin’s Medicaid program was shut down by the feds after over 250 people died waiting for service. Sort of a mini-Bush-Katrina of mismanagement, if you will. But heck, if Medicare is unconstitutional, then, all of those lawsuits will just go away!

The Anchorage Daily News reports:

“State programs intended to help disabled and elderly Alaskans with daily life — taking a bath, eating dinner, getting to the bathroom — are so poorly managed, the state cannot assure the health and well-being of the people they are supposed to serve, a new federal review found…..No other state in the nation is under such a moratorium, according to a spokeswoman for the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
A particularly alarming finding concerns deaths of adults in the programs. In one 2 1/2 year stretch, 227 adults already getting services died while waiting for a nurse to reassess their needs. Another 27 died waiting for their initial assessment, to see if they qualified for help.”

But here we go for the gold:

‘The common thread in the suits is that seniors and disabled Alaskans aren’t getting the services they are entitled to, under the law, Davis said. In one big win, the state Supreme Court ruled last year that the state had improperly cut off or reduced services to more than 1,000 needy people.”

That would be the elderly and disabled that got cut off because of Sarah Palin’s mismanagement. So the state initiated a “fatality review”. Ah, some kind of committee to investigate why people didn’t get services and died. What was it that Sarah said about Obamacare killing her baby because they would determine he wasn’t eligible for care?

“The state agencies are so incompetently managed that Doctors & Health care providers wrote to the fed gov about a state that is unresponsive and incompetent and “has resulted in the death(s) of the active clients.” Luckily, the feds were there to stop Sarah Palin’s administration from killing any more people. So, this may be a time when the feds were sorta the good guys. Flag waves.

Gosh, if I didn’t know better, I’d a thunk I ran smack dab into one of them there Death Panels Palin was warning people about last year! Also, letting the elderly and disabled die waiting for care is super heart-warming coming from the mother of a disabled child who won PolitiFact Lie of the Year award for the Death Panel thing.

Next time you hear Palin nattering on about how being a Mama gives her cred, will ya’ ask her, if you’re allowed to ask questions, what regular moms of disabled children should do when politicians like Palin cut off their access to care for their children? Should those moms maybe rise up, in a sorta Mama-esque way, and take back Momhood? It might be prudent.

Mind you, don’t worry about poor Joe. If he is successful in his mission to get elected and then to take away Medicare, he will still have insurance and you and I will pay for it forever.

Also, too, Joe Miller can’t do right by Alaska if he thinks the federal government is bad. Doe he know what state he’s in? Has he looked at the employment numbers? Does he have any idea what’s going on? Pfft. I forgot. He doesn’t need to know. He’s got charisma and Mama Grizzle!

This kind of willful ignorance is what tons and tons of Tea Party money funded by Brawny paper towels can buy. Isn’t that just so Normal Rockwellish? Let us hope that whatever happens with the recount, Alaskan moderates are awake and lively this mid-term. Surely they don’t want their Social Security privatized or their Medicare done away with. Heavens.

One hopes Democrat Scott McAdams gets some love from the arctic state.

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