Bill O’Reilly Admits that Fox News is Biased Against Liberals

Aug 27 2010 Published by under Featured News

In his column today, Bill O’Reilly did something that every other Fox News personality has refused to do. He admitted that FNC is biased, not only are they biased, but they are biased against liberals. I know. I know. Pick yourself up off the floor because O’Reilly wrote, “The anti-liberal Fox News Channel and the Wall Street Journal, whose editorial page is conservative, are both doing very well.”

O’Reilly was engaging in one of his favorite fallacious arguments that America loves conservatives more because Fox News is more popular than MSNBC and CNN when he admitted the worst kept secret in the history of broadcasting,” What is somewhat scary is that the far-left media continues to peddle this stuff, even in the face of economic disaster. CNN and MSNBC are in deep ratings trouble. Newsweek magazine recently sold for one dollar, and Time is having a tough go of it as well. Air America is bankrupt. The New York Times and the Washington Post are not nearly as successful or influential as they used to be. Not all of those concerns are far-left, but they do have an ideological kinship with the loons; it’s just a matter of degree. Meantime, the anti-liberal Fox News Channel and the Wall Street Journal, whose editorial page is conservative, are both doing very well.

Earlier in the column he claimed that the idea that Fox News is trying to scare white people is an invention of the Left, “You may remember that the radical left designated the Shirley Sherrod story, the ACORN scandal, the New Black Panther/voting booth/Justice Department situation, and the resignation of White House “green jobs” czar Van Jones as previous attempts to scare white Americans. I don’t know about you, but I’m white, and those stories did not frighten me. I hope I’m not out of the “white loop.”

Bill-O blamed the Left for trying to scare whitey, “But here’s a key question. Why are Howard Dean and Senator Harry Reid trying to scare white people? Those committed liberals both believe the mosque should be built somewhere else. Why are these guys trying to frighten Caucasians, and what can we do to stop them? It is simply unfair to have the Senate majority leader and the former Governor of Vermont running around trying to instill fear into white guys and gals. This must stop.”

O’Reilly’s point makes no sense. If it is the Left that is trying to scare white people, then why are all of the race baiting stories airing on the conservative network? You would think that all the race based stories would be running on MSNBC if the Left was out to frighten the entitled white man. Breitbart doesn’t peddle his videos to CNN and MSNBC, does he? It is fascinating that O’Reilly is the one who shattered the myth of the two Foxes, one for news, and a conservative one for opinion. I don’t care if Fox News is conservative, but I have always contended that FNC should be honest about its bias. Do exactly as O’Reilly did, put it out in the open and tell viewers exactly what they are getting.

Since Obama was elected, Fox News has been drifting farther away from pretending that they are fair and balanced, and moving straight into Republican activism. Last month, Rachel Maddow destroyed Bill O’Reilly’s argument about the political significance of ratings, needless to say ratings are a crack potted way to measure political behavior, but O’Reilly’s admission that Fox News is biased was a rare bit of candor, from a network that prospers by reinventing the truth.

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