Sarah Palin Followers Add Fox News to Their Hit List

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Sarah Palin wraps self in Flag so you can't criticize

Palin Followers Add Fox News to Their Hit List

There’s a real dilemma going on in Sarah Land these days! Sarah fans, who’ve already taken an oath not to believe anything the Lame Stream Media writes about their hero, are now adding Fox News to that list.

In a nod to that other great paranoiac, Nixon, apparently the only Word that can be trusted is Sarah’s. “The Gov’s” (as they affectionately call her per her contract) books, her Facebok page, and her tweets will shape the world of her cult from now on, thank you very much!

On the locked down (you can only read after you sign up and are approved: “Membership on Team Sarah is by approval only. Please fill out all your profile questions to expedite approval.” Cough.) Team Sarah website, we get a peek into the mind of a Palin fan:

“I like Palin a lot. If Fox starts disrespecting her, I can be very selective in who (sic) I watch and change the channel as will millions. I do not watch O’reilly (sic) anymore unless he has a host filling in for him. Don’t watch the RINO Huckabee, he makes me sick.”

Another paranoiac confirms the tin foil hattery, “Carl Cameron is one of the primary guys to do hit jobs on Sarah.”

Hit jobs! How dare you criticize the Queen who is a celebrity only when she wants some money and a political leader when she says so! You evil Fox anchors! We know you have a private allegiance to Katie the Devil Couric! Next thing you know, they’re going to ask Sarah what she reads or what the Bush Doctrine is. Cheeky bastards.

But it’s not just liberals who are mean to Sarah because they’re jealous. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is jealous of Sarah!

“They’re probably jealous of the attention she gets.” Oh, yes. They found us all out. Such a shame.

At least at Conservatives for Palin they have an accurate view of their Queen:

“Reagan was not Sarah. He was good, but he was not Sarah.”

Yes. Sarah is so much better than Reagan. What did Reagan ever quit? Huh? Nothing! That proves it. I mean, this explains the jealousy if not for her panty-hosed short-short shots, then this is it. Busted, you RINOs!

And since nothing says “better than Reagan” like a reality TV show, we have Sarah’s debut on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” to look forward to and now, her daughter Bristol is going to be on “Dancing with the Stars”! You know, like all successful politicians do. But just because Sarah Family act like they’re obsessed with attention, doesn’t mean that you are allowed to take their picture. Remember, she is the Queen. And the Queen makes all of the rules.

And more:

“Nearly all of her campaign speeched (sic) were underrated. Why? The LSM didn’t want America to hear Sarah in her own words and they didn’t want America to see she drew crowds as large, or larger than, Obama did. All without Stevie Wonder as an opening act.”

Woa, there, sailor…That’s kinda tacky but OK. I guess C4P hate blind people.

As to why this great speech wasn’t covered? “Jornolisto (sic) had their marching orders.” Yes. Damn journolist! See? Now that Fox has fallen, there is no place in the media safe for a Sarah Fan.

And stand back, because Sarah won’t put up with being lamestreamed! She’s strong! “….Governor Palin is the True Feminist and a Hero Women (sic). Her strength frightens Liberals. Governor Palin is not a pushover unlike Hilllary (sic) Clinton. She is one Tough Woman.”

Yes, Clinton is such a pushover. All that stupid work she does as Secretary of State while Palin is off charging people to tell them that Obama was mean to take her seat. Only a weak person like Clinton would keep her job! Doh.

But do not despair, my quivering pit bulls:

“….we desparately (sic) need this lady……..God has provided us with hope… it’s up to us.”

God loves Sarah best.

And on that note, we’ll end with the final word on why the Lame Steam Media and Fox and well, heck, the world hates Sarah Palin:

“Message to Sarah Palin.

You will know if you are a Christian if the world hates you.
If you are living the gospel message you will be presecuted. (sic)

See John Ch. 15 Verse 18”

See? The world loves Sarah because she is…well, the second coming of Jesus, if I read that correctly. What with the persecution and all. So, hey, it’s not that she doesn’t read or that she doesn’t know what she reads, it’s because she is Jesus that you think she is dumb. How hard is this to grasp? Only a dumbo Liberal would miss this point. No wonder you don’t like Sarah.

Prepare to be eviscerated by Palin bots, Fox. They outnumber the world and God loves them best. Y’all best get busy reloading.

Note: Sadly, I did not intentionally pick out quotes that were misspelled. Visit Sarah sites at your own risk.

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